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Can Air Pollution Cause Damage to the Brain?

Air pollution continues to be an unseen crisis around the world. According to new data from the World Health Organization, 9 out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants and at least 7 million people around the world die every year due to exposure from polluted air. But just as we thought […]

4 Steps to Preventing Infection in Nursing Homes

The United States is expecting its highest senior population rate as more than 76 million baby boomers enter into retirement. This also means that nursing homes will have to accommodate more residents and that could have a huge impact on the quality of care being given in these facilities, especially in preventing infections. In the […]

What Can You Expect from Assisted Living Facilities?

With more people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, there has been a growing need for assisted living facilities that will provide proper care for patients suffering from such a debilitating condition. Also known as residential care, congregate house, or domiciliary care, an assisted living facility is essentially a place where patients suffering from Alzheimer’s […]