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The Dangers of Falling for Seniors

  A fall is dangerous as it can lead to physical immobility or, in the worst cases, death. The risk is greater with people who are aged 65 years or older, but assisted living facilities have the staff available to help prevent serious falls.     This article will discuss the specifics on dangers related […]

Stress and its Effects on Memory and the Brain

The human body is an excellent living organism. It can grow and develop. However, it is also quite volatile and susceptible to external influences.     The demands of this modern world mean that we are subjecting our minds and bodies to all sorts of pressures. The kind that would have been completely alien to […]

Options like Financing for Senior Care

There are a lot of considerations for people who opt for senior care and housing. But whether you’re planning it for yourself or an aged loved one, costs are always high up that list.   According to Genworth’s latest Cost of Care Survey, monthly fees for assisted living across the United States now average at […]

Helping to Improve Memory in Assisted Living

An assisted living (AL) facility separates itself from a nursing home by giving residents freedom to go about their daily lives. However, many of its elderly seem to exhibit the same issues found in those under nursing care, including the frequent need to be reminded about taking medication. Thus, memory assisted living is important.   […]

Assisted Living: What to Expect

There are different living options for seniors, and with shared characteristics between them, making a decision can be quite difficult. When it comes to assisted living, it is important to understand exactly what it is if you are choosing this option or doing so for a loved one.   What assisted living entails Independent living […]

Independent Living: What to Expect

Independent living is a senior living option available for many seniors. An emphasis on independence is what separates it from assisted living, an option for seniors who need help with basic life tasks. It’s essentially a living preference rather than a form of care.   An independent living community provides for the needs of seniors […]