Memory Care Program

memory care assisted living
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At Providence Place, we pride ourselves in offering an environment for our residents to live exactly the way they choose. The following is a brief description of the MJ Signature Memory Care Program:

Meal Program

  • Three nutritious meals each day prepared by our dining staff.
  • Four small meals and beverages prepared and offered in between dining times (yogurt, granola, fruit or veggie tray, and healthy fluids).
  • Snacks are available at all times (cookies, ice cream, popcorn, coffee and tea).

Journey Stations

Journey stations are destinations throughout the community that encourage residents to be naturally curious about the items they see while triggering special memories. Each Journey Station is strategically placed throughout our hallways and is carefully designed to pique the person’s interest. Each station has a theme with items the person can pick up, read, look at, put on, reflect on, etc.

Providence Staff

The staff of Providence Place are specially trained in all aspects of dementia; communication, activities, and care which allows them to provide highly personalized care.