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Plan for the New Year with Fallbrook Memory Care Facility

The year 2021 is almost over and another 365 days to create memories is soon to start. New Year signifies a fresh start, new opportunities, and new aspirations.

Even residents in Fallbrook Memory Care Facility are looking forward to 2022 where they can improve their ways for a better life moving forward. With new beginnings filled with hope and plans, we have New Year tips that will help you welcome 2022.

Why Plan Ahead?

Planning ahead is important as it allows you to prepare, improve, and have better management of things especially if health protocols are still in place due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Setting targets and goals for the New Year encourages growth and improvement. It also gives the opportunity to examine if you have been sticking to your targets. This and below are a few highlights of why it is important to plan ahead.

  1. Goals to Reach

When you plan ahead, this gives you objectives that you want to achieve. In addition, this helps you work on ways towards meeting your goals.

  1. Assessing Risks

Advance planning gives you the confidence to take risks leading you ahead of the ball game. Besides, it also helps identify, categorize, and prioritize risks. This way, you can create a response plan.

  1. Encourages Proactiveness

Planning ahead lets you take the right action when faced with challenges and adversities. It makes you ready to respond to challenges and accepts changes.

  1. Improved Performance

Being prepared improves performance. By having a clear idea of what to do next, life will be better with less stress.

Tips for Starting the New Year Off with a Bang from Fallbrook Memory Care Facility

We at Fallbrook Memory Care Facility encourage you to write your goals and objectives for the New Year. Although some of this may change along the way, it is important to give yourself a good starting point.

Personal Schedule

Remember all the commitments you have already made and fill your calendar. Having a planner will make it easier for you to be organized and be prepared. Doing this will help you remember things easily.

Also, write your projects for the year. Do you intend to update your room or establish a light exercise regimen? You can include things you want to accomplish this year.

Health and Medical Appointments

Keep your medical calendar up to date by filling it in beforehand. Sometimes you tend to forget your healthcare and doctor’s appointments, so writing down the dates in your calendar keeps you from missing your appointments.


Never miss a meal by writing it down. Stick to your mealtime to build a routine. People with dementia may refuse to eat or lose interest in food but eating a balanced diet on time will help prevent unnecessary weight loss or less muscle strength.

Fallbrook Memory Care Facility and our residents have witnessed many years come and go. And as 2021 ends, let us start the countdown and start planning our resolutions.

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Making Christmas Bright for Residents in Nursing Homes

The holidays can be merry and festive when spent at home with the ones you love. But residents in nursing homes are prone to holiday blues. Being away from home with cognitive or physical limitations gives the feeling of frustration, isolation, and loneliness.

But there are different ways to make Christmas merry for senior adults in nursing care facilities. Simple celebrations and spending time together can be special and memorable.

Even senior adults with no family can still feel the magic of love and giving this Christmas through various activities. So, bring in the joy and spend time together for that meaningful holiday celebration.

Ways to Help Nursing Home Residents Celebrate

Senior residents are more than welcome to participate in holiday activities. From Christmas to Hanukkah, there are activities for every adult to enjoy.

The Gift of Time or Money

Being in nursing homes means you are well-cared for by professionally trained staff and caregivers. But nothing beats the feeling of being remembered and valued by the people dear to you.

The best give you can give to let them feel the Christmas spirit is a few minutes of your time. Share lunch with traditional family food to bring them joy and pleasure. Invite family members to join to show they are appreciated and valued.

Or you can organize or participate in donation campaigns to help others in need while experiencing an increased level of pleasure. Donating gifts or money will inspire younger family members to give back and bring more meaning to life.

Send Gifts to Loved Ones

Not being able to visit your loved one can be one of the most difficult things to do during Christmas. But if you are unable to make it due to a hectic schedule, you can send gifts that they can use every day for comfort or fun.

Consider the interest, pastime, or preferences of your loved ones in nursing homes. Below are useful gift ideas that will spread the feelings of joy and love this season:

  • warm blanket
  • socks
  • sweater
  • digital books
  • monthly subscriptions (magazine or movie streaming)
  • game boards, word games, dominoes
  • arts and crafts supply; colored pens, knitting kit, print books, coloring books, etc
  • CDs of favorite songs
  • Homebaked goodies like cakes, cookies, or traditional family food to bring back the good old days

Virtual Gathering

A virtual gathering is the best option if most of the family members are out of town, living in different time zones, or if health restrictions are still active. By connecting virtually families and residents in nursing homes can still interact and share family stories at the comfort of their homes.

Outdoor Activities

Take your loved one outside for a breath of fresh air. If possible, you can stroll around malls or landmarks to admire the Christmas decorations. Or, enjoy a family meal at your favorite restaurant.

These activities do not require too much energy or can be modified according to your loved one’s mood and current condition. Regardless of how you celebrate the holidays, these tokens will be treasured.


Looking for an assisted living facility that is the perfect fit for you or a family member? Check out our programs at Fallbrook Assisted Living by clicking here!

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Celebrating the Holiday Season in Assisted Living Facilities

While restrictions have been eased since the vaccine rollout, many residents still cannot go out and will remain inside assisted living facilities. This means your loved one will miss traditional family activities everybody used to share and enjoy before.

Fortunately, senior housing facilities now accept family visitors; hence, you can now celebrate the holiday together. Bring in the fun and make the holiday celebration nostalgic, fun, and comforting.

Aside from Christmas celebrated by Christians, other religions observe Hanukkah or Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and Thanksgiving. Regardless of your religion, there is always something to celebrate about starting on the fourth Thursday of November until the last days of December.

Thanksgiving in Assisted Living Facilities

Thanksgiving has been celebrated in the United States. The first Thanksgiving celebration happened in 1621 when Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Native Americans celebrated an autumn harvest feast.

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln declared the national Thanksgiving Day to be commemorated every November.

Dinner, decorations, music, and gift-giving are familiar activities and sights during the Thanksgiving holiday. But it won’t hurt to try new activities to mark the occasion.

Of course, do not forget the classic dishes including stuffed turkey, mashed potato, and pumpkin pie for the Thanksgiving dinner for the family to enjoy.

Help your loved ones in assisted living facilities decorate their private spaces with Thanksgiving-themed pieces. Bring back younger memories through their favorite music. Pen a heartfelt gratitude letter or give your loved one that special gift he/she will always cherish.

Add a little twist to your celebration by adding non-traditional recipes like baked brie with cranberries and pomegranate, apple and honey tarts, balsamic cranberry roast chicken, or glazed lamb chops.

Kwanzaa in Assisted Living

Some people honor their heritage by celebrating Kwanzaa every December 26th to the 1st of January. The weeklong celebration is a combination of several different African celebrations and activities like singing, dancing, poetry reading, storytelling, and feasting.

Residents in assisted living facilities can celebrate Kwanzaa by preparing Mazao, a combination of nuts, fruits, and vegetables on a placemat. Or re-create the sun’s power by lighting 3 red candles, 3 green candles, and 1 black candle placed on a kinara (candle holder).

Hanukkah in Assisted Living

Hanukkah or Festival of Lights is a Jewish festival that lasts for 8 days in December. Senior residents can commemorate the feast by lighting candles on each evening of the festival, reading scriptures daily, almsgiving, and hymn singing.

Christmas in Assisted Living

Christmas is a universal holiday from the Christian faith. However, Christmas has changed dramatically over the years that even non-Christians recognized the festivity every year. Today, the celebration of Christmas without reference to faith, religion, or sect is common.

Regardless of your religion, Christmas is the season of love and giving. It is a season of giving back to the community, to the less fortunate.

It is also the time of the year where people spend the most time with family and friends.

Are you looking for Assisted Living Facilities that offer the right level of care for you? Contact us at Fallbrook Assisted Living today to learn more about us.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Residents in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities

Gift-giving can be done any time of the year. But nothing is more special than handing that perfect gifts to your loved ones during the holiday season. But finding a gift for a senior loved with Alzheimer’s can be difficult. It should be useful depending on the stage of the ailment of your loved one in Alzheimer’s care facilities.

Here are some holiday gift ideas that you can choose from that show love, thoughtfulness, and creativity for loved ones in Alzheimer’s care facilities.


The gift of a puzzle is great for people with cognitive disorders, low mobility, and patients with early stages of Alzheimer’s. Puzzles in different colors, sizes, and pieces that come in different levels of difficulty provide stimulating comfort, a sense of control, and improved mental speed to patients. Customize or personalize photo puzzles are also great options to refresh the patient’s memories.

The price for puzzles ranges from $13 to $30, all are available online for ease and convenience.

Memory Phone

A memory phone that can store up a specific number of family members or friends’ names, contact details, and photos is straightforward and convenient to use. Patients in Alzheimer’s care facilities can take advantage of its simplified menu to get in touch with family, friends, and caregivers during an emergency.

The price starts from $45 per month up to $60 for a monthly subscription. But this depends on the mobile carrier of your choice.

Music Therapy for Those in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities

Research shows that music helps stimulate the senses of patients with a moderate case of Alzheimer’s. Gift your loved one with a music therapy bear that can hold their favorite nostalgic tunes.

One particular product that is extremely popular is Arthur – the Music Therapy Bear that meets the needs of people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. You can load the bear with around 1,000 songs for only $69.99

Digital Frame

The old-school photo frame is now digital with ease and convenience. Most digital photo frames are Wi-Fi-ready and can hold up thousands of photos, and touchscreen.

Share photos via email, social media account, or from Google drive where other family members can also contribute. The perfect gift for a senior loved one starts from $109.99 on Amazon.

Smart Calendar

Due to memory loss, residents in Alzheimer’s care facilities often forget important dates, appointments, and activities. A smart calendar will keep your loved one’s life a little easier, keeping track of all essential activities in one place.

Keep track of family events, facilities activities, and engagements, chores, meal plans, doctor’s appointments, or grocery lists on a touchscreen device. Price starts at $99.99 on Amazon.

Soap, Lotion, and Fragrances for Those Living in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities

Alzheimer’s care facilities patients with moderate/late Alzheimer’s can use scented soaps, lotion, and fragrances to help stimulate memories. Fragrances that may calm and soothe your loved include lemon and lavender scents.

Rosemary scents can also help with improving memory and alertness.

Perfumes, essential oil blends, diffusers, and scent kits are available for as low as $11.99.


Are you looking for an excellent assisted living facility that offers memory care you can trust? Contact us at Fallbrook Assisted Living today to learn more!

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When to Move Someone from Assisted Living to Memory Care Assisted Living

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are cognitive illnesses and progressive conditions that worsen over time. As illnesses like these progress, proper care will become necessary. Memory care assisted living facilities are a smart move for those needing 24-hour care and safety.

When is the Right Time to Make the Move?

The answer depends on the unique needs and progression rates of each patient. However, there are some signs to look out for, that can be foreshadowing the need for more consistent care.

Assisted Living vs Memory Care Assisted Living

Choosing between assisted living and memory care is critical if your loved one has a serious medical condition. Although both offers assisted care, picking between the two needs to be thought about carefully.

Level of Care, Activities, and Amenities

Assisted living is an option for seniors requiring assistance in daily activities like bathing, cleaning, meal preparation, and companionship. On the other hand, memory care assisted living is a facility specifically catering to residents with cognitive impairments.

Both have highly skilled and trained staff like nurses and nursing assistants. However, memory care staff have additional training and experience to deal with the residents’ specific needs. From behavioral and mood changes to physical incapabilities, staff members will be able to assist the residents in every need.

Assisted living communities have a greater focus on social and recreational activities. They allow for more freedom and less structure at the will and capabilities of the residents. Memory care facilities provide tailored exercises and activities to cater to the unique needs of people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. These specialized activities are designed to address the residents’ challenging behaviors and promote better cognitive health.

When it comes to food and nutrition, assisted living provides 3 optional meals a day in a social setting where residents get to mingle with other residents. Memory care facilities prepare specialized meals to ensure residents get the right nutrition to suit their preferences or their current condition.

Environmental Precautions

Lastly, both have 24/7 security, but memory care assisted living communities to have alert systems and wandering-preventive tools. The facility design is also far from other senior housing communities since wandering and falls are common for people with dementia.

As mentioned above, if your loved one is comfortable in the assisted living community or still in the early stages of dementia, assisted living option may be OK. However, if he/she is struggling with daily activities or needs more support, the memory care option is ideal. Again, the choice depends on the current needs of your loved one.

Signs That Someone Needs Memory Care Assisted Living

First, if you constantly worry about your loved one’s safety, it may be best to move to memory care assisted living.

Second, if your loved one shows signs of neglected personal care, this needs to be addressed right away. Body odor and other personal hygiene issues are signs that it is time to move to memory care housing.

Third, if your loved one becomes disoriented, confused, or wakes up in the middle of the night and wanders, they may be at risk. Memory care facilities have highly secure and safe lock systems to keep their residents from wandering.

Lastly, if you notice manifestations of isolation, loneliness, or depression, your loved one might need the help of memory care nurses. They have the experience and tailored approaches that allow residents to feel calm, secure, and relaxed.


Is it time for your loved one to move into memory care? Contact us at Fallbrook Assisted Living for an easy and effective transition.

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Which Type of Senior Housing is the Right Fit for Me?

Retirement is meant to be enjoyable whether you spend that time at home or in senior housing. However, with so many retirement living options available, you might be wondering which one fits you best.

Asking yourself the right questions will help determine which community provides for your specific needs.

Independent Living

Independent housing facilities are for older adults who wish to live on their own but need help around the home. These living options range from apartment-style living to single-family detached homes. Seniors in these facilities enjoy the freedom of living independently with assistance in cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, and more.

Most independent senior housing facilities provide their residents with barber salons, tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness gyms, and more. Amenities such as also available like housekeeping, laundry and linen services, private dining areas, massage salons, and so much more.

Independent living is best for older adults who need little to no assistance in their day-to-day living. So, if you want to be somewhere safe and secure without giving up your independence, independent living is for you.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is a type of housing or community for senior adults who need moderate personal and medical assistance. Therefore, residents in assisted living typically need assistance with daily activities like bathing, cooking, or short travel assistance.

Assisted living facilities are commonly apartment complexes or converted homes with apartment-style living. Many offer both shared and private living spaces depending on your budget.

For amenities, swimming pools, TV lounges, salons, and fitness rooms are available in most assisted living facilities. Typically, these facilities will offer the following:

  • housekeeping services
  • 24/7 security
  • transportation
  • emergency call systems
  • laundry services
  • medication management
  • social and recreational activities
  • personal/medical assistance

A senior housing like assisted living is ideal for those who do not require round-the-clock care.  So, if you need a care level similar to what we went over, assisted living might be the perfect place for you.

Memory Care Facilities

This specialized senior housing is a safe and secure option for adults suffering from cognitive illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s. With 24-hour care, highly trained staff, structured environments, and specialized care, residents receive lower stress levels to improve cognitive function.

Typically, memory care services include the following:

  • 24-hour care and supervision
  • mobility assistance
  • help with personal care
  • medication management
  • transportation
  • housekeeping
  • nutritious meals
  • laundry service
  • toileting
  • memory-enhancing activities and therapies

To summarize, memory care facilities offer many benefits to the sensitive and unique needs of adults with memory-related illnesses. These facilities not only offer a secure and safe environment but also enriching activities to stimulate memory and improve life quality.

Wrap Up

To conclude, independent living, assisted living, and memory care facilities are well equipped with the knowledge, tools, staff, and services to keep their residents safe, relaxed, and feeling at home. When choosing which is best for you, it is crucial to keep in mind the level of care you need.

So, for more information on what our facilities here at Fallbrook Assisted Living have to offer, contact us today!

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How to Keep Up with Physical Activity in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities

We are all aware of the benefits of physical exercise to our bodies. It can enhance mood, reduce depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, improve sleep, and improve quality of life. These benefits are even more crucial for those living in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities.

Exercise promotes the release of chemicals like serotonin and endorphins responsible for enhancing your mood. That way, this will motivate you to socialize, get in touch with family or friends, and lessen the feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Unfortunately, as we age, we tend to slow down due to a variety of reasons. It could be due to weight gain, pain issues, health problems, and other health-related difficulties.

But as a senior adult, physical activities will not only maintain your weight but also boost your energy, protect your heart, and manage your illnesses. In addition, all forms of physical activity are good for your memory and mood.

Even adults in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities can reap the benefits of physical exercise. Although this can be a challenge given the current state that you are in, it is never too late to do simple and enjoyable ways to stay physically active.


Although it is a whole lot different as you age and simple walking may be a challenge but regular walking can lower the risk for a variety of health conditions.

Spend at least 30-40 minutes walking outside with a loved one. If not, then you may do it on a treadmill with supervision from a professional carer.

If you have trouble walking, you can do simple tasks like sweeping, folding the laundry, vacuuming, or any other light chores. Or you can use a stationary bike, a stretching band, or a rubber ball that you can throw back and forth with other residents in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities.


Weight training is an excellent exercise to combat bone loss. It is also an effective way to improve cognitive issues. Senior adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s can do light weightlifting using household items, soda, or soup cans.

Low-Impact Aerobics

Alzheimer’s Care Facilities can organize low-impact aerobic workout routines for their residents. These are not only helpful but also great ways to encourage their residents to participate, socialize, and have fun.


Mowing, pruning, raking, and watering the plants are simple activities that do not feel like structured exercise. Sweeping or picking up falling leaves will not only tidy the lawn but can be beneficial to residents with memory problems.


Most memory care facilities organize dancing parties, but this can be done regularly as not only a form of socialization but regular exercise.

Exercise without a doubt is beneficial for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. However, these physical activities must be safe. Before starting with an exercise routine, it is suggested to do the following:

  • Speak with the person’s primary doctor first
  • Make sure the person with Alzheimer’s is with a caregiver or family member when doing outdoor exercise
  • Hydration, sunscreen, and protective gear are important for outdoor exercise.

To learn about the memory care facilities at Fallbrook Assisted Living, click here!

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Welcoming Fall in Fallbrook Assisted Living Ideas

Change of seasons is an opportunity to give your Fallbrook assisted living apartment a fresh look by doing DIY crafts. Since fall is just around the corner, it is also a perfect time to spend time with friends from the facility.

You can welcome the fall with these amazing ideas that are easy to follow. Learn and share the fun with friends from assisted living with these ideas.

DIY Fall Crafts

The ideas to celebrate fall are limitless. DIY fall crafts range from a rustic wood sign or wood “pumpkin”, wreaths, bandanas, fall candy baskets, fabric jars, and so much more.

Make cute fabric pumpkins or large ones for your table which can be done on a sewing machine or by hand. Make different sizes and colors as these can be great gifts to friends or family.

A glowing mason jar with real or made of silk maple leaves can add warmth and glow to your room. Or make a wreath out of burlap and artificial flowers. Or a grapevine wreath painted with autumn colors.

Bring out your creative side by doing cross stitches, making accent pillows, leaf garlands, autumn-colored rugs, decorating pinecones, and more.

Fall Drink Recipes

Delicious drinks will complete the fun with your friends at Fallbrook assisted living. There are non-alcoholic drinks that are delicious and will surely delight kids and adults alike.

Caramel and Apple Milkshake

This sweet and tasty combo is easy to prepare. Pair this with a slice of apple pie to make it extra special. Click here for the recipe.

Hot Chocolate

The classic hot chocolate is perfect for chilly nights. You can add your cream, caramel, or marshmallow to complete this all-time favorite.

Harvest Fall Punch Cocktail

This is the perfect treat if you want to quench your thirst but wanting something different. Simply mix lemonade, non-alcoholic apple cider, orange juice, sparkling water, apples, and 1 orange in a pitcher. Chill, serve, and enjoy with friends or family at your Fallbrook assisted living apartment.

Snickerdoodle Latte

If you are a coffee lover but looking for something tasty and comforting, this drink deserves a spot on your list of “must tries” during that crisp autumn evening.

Mix milk, ground cinnamon, and brown sugar in a mason jar. Cover and shake for about 60 seconds. Remove the cover and heat in the microwave for at least half a minute. Pour coffee and milk into the jar. Then sprinkle with ground cinnamon on top.

Fan Favorite Fall Scents

Get that complete autumn feel with these fragrances. Scented candles will not only spice up the season but also boost your mood, improve sleep, and quality of life.

Get a pumpkin spice candle, spiced apple candle, cinnamon and nutmeg candle, harvest spice candle, maple candle, vanilla candle, and other autumn scented candles to stimulate memories and emotions.

Choose your favorite scent to promote joy, peace, enhance focus, soothing and healthy aroma for that extra sense of calm to help with anxiety or depression.

Every change of season is a great way to be creative while giving your Fallbrook assisted living home a brand-new look. For information on Fallbrook Assisted Living floorplans and pricing, click here!

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How to Deal with Anxiety When Moving to Senior Housing

Retirement can trigger mixed emotions and will make you face important decisions including whether to stay in senior housing or not.

Deciding to stay in a retirement home offers numerous benefits such as having low maintenance, being safe, secure, and healthy while still enjoying independence. But despite its wonderful benefits, moving can be stressful.

Tips on How to Reduce Moving Anxiety

Moving can be exhausting and stressful at any age. However, for seniors, moving to a new place is more than just about the physical stress. Moving into a new house can trigger sadness, anxiety, and depression.

Below are helpful tips that you can adapt to make the transition lighter.

Plan Ahead

Carefully plan on when exactly the move will happen to reduce anxiety and stress. It may seem easier to make decisions on your own, but it is best to include your senior loved one in the planning process.

This will also help you come up with the list of belongings your loved one wants to bring in the senior housing apartment he/she will be staying in.

Careful planning also means preparing a pack of medication, personal care items, toiletries, and other essentials.

Including a senior loved one in your decision-making process will lessen the overwhelming feeling of moving out from a familiar place.

Maintain Respect

Downsizing must be done before the big day. Maintain the use of kind language and always exercise empathy. Show respect when making decisions on what to keep and what to give away.

Seek the opinion of your elder on what to get rid of for what may look junk to you can be valuable or something with sentimental attachment. Spend with your loved one and go about keeping or donating those items that won’t be of use or won’t fit into the apartment.

Or you can suggest keeping these treasured items within the family. Ask family members if they are interested to keep cherished items. Doing so will give your senior loved one peace of mind.

Create a Familiar Space

Make your loved one choose the furniture or décor she/he wants to bring to the senior living villa or apartment. Instead of buying new decorations, stick to something familiar instead by bringing the bedside lamp, table, or chair.

Remember to Laugh

Maintain a lighthearted tone in everything that you do throughout the process. Do your best and encourage your loved ones to do the same. And even with careful planning, things can go wrong, so make sure you do not get easily frustrated.

Always aim for greater results and the benefit of your loved one. Laugh at small inconveniences instead of getting angry. Be patient in dealing with problems and when your loved one will see you frustrated or in a bad mood, he/she will feel the same.

Preparing for a move to a senior living facility can be both depressing and daunting for the family and the senior. With mixed feelings and negative emotions, the decision is not an easy journey.

But you and the rest of the family members can make things a lot easier by following these easy tips. If you still have questions or need assistance about moving to senior housing, click here!

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Fun Labor Day Activities for Memory Assisted Living Residents

Labor Day is not just about honoring the great Americans who dedicated their lives to build a better America that today’s generation has enjoyed. It is also remembering the seniors, especially in memory assisted living facilities who worked hard in their individual roles for the betterment of our community.

Apart from the fun activities, food, and socialization, Labor Day is an excellent way to stimulate the brain of our senior loved ones. Looking back on their younger years and the days of hard work can bring so many good memories which is a cheap yet effective brain exercise.

If you have been looking forward to this National holiday, here are some fun activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Host a Mini Party at Your Memory Assisted Living Facility

Gather your senior loved one along with other senior residents in the backyard for a barbecue or tea party. Regardless of your choice, this is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time in nice warm weather.

Prepare tables and chairs under a shade and cold drinks so seniors stay hydrated and cool while outdoors.

Apart from BBQ or cookies and tea, put together simple games that all ages can participate in. Board games like scrabble, monopoly and trivial pursuit are all-time favorites for better brain health.

Picnic in the Park or at the Beach

If possible, bring your loved one outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Being confined within the walls of his/her memory assisted living apartment can be boring, so a day outside in a nearby park or beach can be an awesome experience.

Try fishing or simply set up a picnic spread while spending quality time together. Moments like this are precious while allowing one to connect back with their loved ones.

Attend Local Events

Make your research on local events that the whole family can enjoy. Make use of the Internet to see what’s going in your area. Celebrate the holiday through local fairs, parades, and festivals. Or relearn history by visiting museums where free admissions are given during the holiday.

Attend musical plays, watch movies or art galleries. Labor Day lets you bond with the grandchildren while appreciating a good play or movie that you can talk about in the next visiting session.

Connect with Younger Generations

Arts and Crafts making is a perfect opportunity to get creative while creating a special bond with the kids. Recreate the American flag using recyclable materials; create a family portrait using water-based paint, or anything easy where everyone can participate in.

Reminisce On Family Moments

This activity will allow seniors in memory assisted living facilities to talk about precious moments in the past. Share old photos or exchange stories that can be great sources of great learning for the younger generation. All these do not only create a special bond but are effective ways to boost mental health.

Labor Day is a great day to relax, unwind, and be with your loved ones in memory assisted living. For a look into life at Fallbrook Assisted Living, click here!

Fallbrook Assisted Living is proud to offer its services to Fremont, NE, and surrounding areas and cities: Arlington, Cedar Bluffs, Ames Nickerson, Fontanelle, Arlington, Leshara, Colon, and Hooper