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Creating a Safe and Secure Environment for Residents with Dementia in Memory Assisted Living

Dementia is a silent epidemic that’s affecting the lives of millions of Americans. Unfortunately, there’s still no cure for this debilitating condition, so the next best thing that families can do is to move their family member into memory assisted living.

The primary goal of any memory assisted living facility is to create a safe and secure environment for residents. But what exactly does that entail?

Key Elements of a Safe Environment in Memory Assisted Living

Every memory assisted living facility should have these five key elements to ensure safety and security among residents:

Well-guarded entry and exits.

  • A lot of patients living with dementia are prone to wandering off, so it’s very important for facilities to have secured entry and exit points.

Emergency systems.

  • Residents should have access to emergency response systems whenever they need help. This can be a call button or a pull cord in their rooms.

Fall preventive measures.

  • Since most residents are at a higher risk for falls, it’s very important for memory assisted living facilities to be equipped with efficient fall prevention measures. For instance, rooms and hallways should be adequately lit and bathrooms should have non-slip floors.

Fire safety measures.

  • All memory assisted living facilities should follow the standards set by their state’s fire safety regulations. Aside from well-placed fire extinguishers and accessible fire exits, it’s also essential for staff to be trained about fire safety protocols and how to secure residents in the event of a fire.

The Importance of Staff Training in Memory Assisted Living

Staff play a crucial role in keeping residents safe and secure. This is why it’s very important to train them in different areas where they can provide the best care possible to residents:

  • All staff should be trained and licensed based on the standards set by the state. They should specialize in caring for residents with Alzheimer’s and undergo regular training to update their knowledge. Whether they’re the primary caregivers or assistants, they should be able to pass the necessary qualifications.
  • All staff should know how to perform basic CPR and other first aid measures. They should also learn how to manage behaviors in patients with dementia and offer them support when dealing with behavioral struggles.

Finally, staff should be committed to caring for patients daily and giving them the comfort and security that they need. Living with Alzheimer’s and other related dementias is not easy, especially for the elderly.

They also need to deal with the huge change of moving into a completely different living environment. Staff should be able to give them the space they need to be as independent as possible.


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Fall Reading List for Residents in Senior Housing

Fall is a favorite time of the year for many residents in senior housing because the weather is fair, and the mood is perfect to sink their teeth into some good reading. So, if you have a loved one who needs a fresh stock of books to read this fall, here are our top recommendations.

Fall Books for Senior Housing Residents


1. Senior Housing Reads: The Last Thing He Told Me

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Laura Dave comes another critically claimed thriller novel that follows a woman’s journey to finding the truth about the disappearance of her beloved husband. Owen Michaels was a good husband to her wife of one year Hannah.

But he suddenly disappears leaving his wife with a baffling note that states “protect her,” which she knows was pertaining to Owen’s daughter Bailey. Together, the two set out to find out the truth and put the pieces back together to understand what happened.

2. Me Before You

#1 New York Times bestselling author Jojo Moyes behind “The Giver of Stars” releases another novel now adapted into a hit movie. Me Before You follows the story of Louisa Clark, an ordinary girl who had to take a job for a wheelchair-bound ex-Master of the Universe who’s bossy and moody at the same time.

Will Traynor was very hard to deal with, but Louisa was set to change all that by showing him that life is still worth living even after an accident changed his life. A story about two people who have nothing in common and how love can bring them together, this is definitely a must-read.

3. Mexican Gothic

If you’re looking for a good horror movie set in the Mexican countryside, this piece by Silvia Moreno-Garcia is worth the read. The main character of this story is Noemi Taboada who receives a letter from her cousin asking to save her from doom.

This will take her to High Place where she would take an unexpected journey into a world that she may find hard to walk away from herself.

4. We Were Never Here

From the author of “The Herd” and “The Lost Night” comes another thriller in “We Were Never Here.” The story follows Emily’s annual backpacking trip in the mountains of Chile where she and her best friend Kristen were expecting an amazing adventure.

Unfortunately, a shocking event happened on the last night of their trip and more baffling for Emily, the same thing happened on their trip from the previous year. Can she unravel the mystery behind these events and what her best friend might have to do with it?

5. The Morning Star

Award-winning Norweigan author Karl Ove Knausgard wows yet again with another masterpiece in “The Morning Star.” This novel follows the story of literature professor Arne and artist Tove as they relax in a resort in southern Norway with their children.

They also have their friends nearby when a huge star suddenly appears in the sky with no one being able to explain what it is and why it happened. Eventually, life went on until strange phenomena started happening.

6. Everything I Know About Love

Wrapping up this must-read list for residents in senior housing is the bestselling memoir by Dolly Alderton named “Everything I Know About Love.” Here, the former Sunday Times columnist shares her stories about life, love, and everything in between.

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Fallbrook Assisted Living is proud to offer its services to Fremont, NE, and surrounding areas and cities: Arlington, Cedar Bluffs, Ames Nickerson, Fontanelle, Arlington, Leshara, Colon, and Hooper