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The Best Reads for National Reading Month 2023 | Facilities for Alzheimer’s

March is dedicated to National Reading Month to honor Dr. Suess, a writer, and illustrator of children’s books. Dr. Suess wrote the famous book How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which received a Pulitzer Prize in 1984. Due to his contribution to children’s education in America, the first National Reading Month was celebrated in March 1994.

Reading is fun and full of adventure. It is also the main component of education, thus, the yearly celebration encourages people of all ages to read.

If you want to make this year’s celebration extra special, adding a new title to your book collection would be great. Gifting a friend or family who is staying in facilities for Alzheimer’s will surely love your present.

National Reading Month in Facilities for Alzheimer’s

With all sorts of entertainment readily available in today’s modern society, it seems that majority of the people are not interested in reading. Many have taken reading for granted. Despite the fact that almost everyone can read, it is unfortunate that people of today’s generation hardly read.

National Reading Month is an initiative to reawaken our passion for reading. It is the time of the year when people of all ages are encouraged to read and read more to improve their creative skills, boost imagination and comprehension, enhance critical thinking skills, and strengthen mental muscles. Reading is also beneficial for adults in facilities for Alzheimer’s to stimulate memory.

It is National Reading Month and what better way to celebrate it than to read a book? You would be surprised that there are loads of reading materials and titles that you can choose from.

It makes you temporarily forget the real world while at the same time, it helps you strengthen your vision. Reading improves your vocabulary and reduces stress. Constant reading will stimulate your brain to be more creative.

Best Audio Books for Residents in Facilities for Alzheimer’s

If you want something short, sweet, and entertaining, audiobooks are the answer. For patients with Alzheimer’s, short story audiobooks are the best way to continue consuming books as the disease progresses.

Here are some of the recommended titles worth reading during your downtime in facilities for Alzheimer’s.

Something That Cannot Die

The book tells the story of 42-year-old artist Georgia O’Keefe, who no longer finds joy and fulfillment in her life and career. Georgia left New York and moved to New Mexico where she met a young woman, igniting her creativity.


Zikora is a successful Nigerian lawyer based in Washington DC, pregnant and abandoned by her boyfriend. Rescued by her mother, Zikora reflects on her mother’s experiences and sacrifices against her own needs and wants of being a mother.

The Refugees

The book is from Pulitzer Prize author Viet Thanh Nguyen and is a collection of stories about immigration, questions of identity, and nostalgia of Vietnamese immigrants in America. Understand the complexities of being an immigrant in the United States and read their stories of struggles and triumphs.

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Celebrating World Music Therapy Day in Memory Care Assisted Living

World Music Therapy Day is an annual celebration taking place every 1st of March. On this day therapists, students, and patients spread awareness of the healing power of music. The community shares how music can help address social, physical, mental, and emotional issues. Memory care assisted living residents can also greatly benefit from the healing assets of music therapy. Since 2016, every year, World Music Therapy Day is an event one should not miss.

Music Therapy

Music has a unique ability to connect people and for some, it is referred to as universal language. It is great for mental health and has the power to stimulate reflection and emotions. Music is fun.

Music therapy is proven to have healing effects on the physical, mental, emotional, and social needs of human beings. It is good for people with cognitive issues or disabilities. People with learning disabilities, autism, and other forms of disabilities also can benefit from the invigorating potential of music therapy.

Music is known to alleviate pain because music stimulates the brain to release certain chemicals that detract the body from pain. It is said to reduce signs of anxiety and depression, stress, and trauma. It is no wonder why relaxing music is often used in dental clinics, massage centers, or operating rooms. And for senior adults in memory care assisted living, music therapy aids in reliving old memories, improving mood, focus, active listening, and general thought process.

Scientists discovered that music has positive effects on blood vessel functions. During the study, participants were happier while listening to music, thus, the increased blood flow in their blood vessels. Music also aids in a faster physical recovery process.

According to July 2014 Harris Poll, 67% of Americans believed that music education gives people a disciplined approach to critical thinking and problem solving while 80% believed that their music education contributed to their increased level of personal fulfillment.

Music helps remember your loved ones or bring back memories of your young love. When you hear your favorite tune, it instantly renews old feelings, either you want to get up and dance, smile, or just feel the rush of happiness.

Celebrating in Memory Care Assisted Living

March 1 is another beautiful time to celebrate how music can instantly take us back to old, good, happy, and sad memories. Regardless of the type of music that you love, there is always a way to celebrate the upcoming World Music Therapy Day.

Memory Care Assisted Living communities can arrange a mini concert event where everyone can enjoy great music. A dance party is not only fun but a great way to socialize and exercise.

Get the musical instruments ready to encourage senior residents to play and enjoy the day. Or have an afternoon tea along and a music trivia event to make it more enjoyable and engaging.

Watch music videos or live concerts on YouTube, do karaoke, or just play different kinds of music on this special day.


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Fallbrook Assisted Living is proud to offer its services to Fremont, NE, and surrounding areas and cities: Arlington, Cedar Bluffs, Ames Nickerson, Fontanelle, Arlington, Leshara, Colon, and Hooper