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Celebrating National Greenpeace Day in Senior Housing

People around the world take time to celebrate National Greenpeace Day to promote changes in how we treat the environment, champion environmental solutions, and promote awareness of sustainable Earth. Senior housing communities can take advantage of this yearly celebration of peaceful environmental activism by doing activities and programs, teaching, and sharing information. National Greenpeace Day […]

What to Ask While Touring Assisted Living Facilities

There comes a time in life when assisted living facilities become your best option for a healthy, happy life. Growing old is inevitable. At some point, you’ll need a place with assistance for activities that may be difficult to complete on your own. Why assisted living is the best option Assisted living facilities are for […]

Take the Summer by Storm with this Activity Guide for Fallbrook Assisted Living Residents

The summer months bring fun activities, beaches, beautiful weather, and a trip to that dream holiday destination. For residents in Fallbrook Assisted Living, summer means more outside time, fun weekly outings, and seasonal eats. From outdoor dining, board games, and arts and crafts, there are fun activities that senior adults can enjoy whether they just […]

The Importance of Recognizing Mental Health in Senior Housing

Millions of people around the world are struggling with mental health issues and people in senior housing are no exception. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and brings light to the challenges of mental illness and the importance of treatment. The Importance of Mental Health for Seniors Mental health is crucial in every stage of […]

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Assisted Living

No one in this world means more to anyone than their mother and in a few weeks, we will be honoring the women who brought us into this world on Mother’s Day. If your mom is already in assisted living, you need to make this year’s celebration one she will never forget. Here are some […]

Do Different Seasons Have Different Effects on Alzheimer’s and Dementia? | Fallbrook Memory Care Facility

Changes in behavior with age can be natural.  However, there are some behavior changes that can link to dementia or Alzheimer’s.  With changing behaviors, there are some outside factors that can take effect on this. Research shows that seasonal changes can impact the habits and demeanors of dementia patients. Do you have a family member […]