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Start the New Year in a Memory Assisted Living Facility


As people get older, forgetfulness becomes common. Senior adults do not get adequate blood flow to the brain resulting in impaired memory and other declines in cognitive skills. Although at first, this is manageable, you may want to consider memory assisted living as a long-term option.

As the New Year starts, it is best for your loved ones to be in a memory care facility especially if they are struggling with forgetfulness. Serious cases of memory problems like Alzheimer’s can make your lives difficult when trying to juggle personal and work priorities.

While it can be difficult to provide quality care to senior loved ones with memory problems, a memory assisted living community can provide the care that they need.

What is Memory Assisted Living

A memory assisted community is special care and housing for senior adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Commonly these facilities feature private and semi-private apartments all structured to protect senior residents from wandering.

Because the facilities are managed by skilled and licensed professionals, they offer a high level of support and care for cognitive skills and quality of life.

Most memory care communities offer round the clock security and other services such as:

  • Meals 3x a day with snacks and beverages
  • Laundry, housekeeping, and linen services
  • Recreational activities, socialization, and engagements for their residents
  • Day-to-day living assistance including bathing, dressing, and grooming
  • In house medical team for emergency
  • Support groups
  • Fitness programs
  • Low staff to patient ratio

What Are The Benefits of Memory Care

With the intensive and long-term care memory care facilities provide, the benefits are numerous.

The well-structured environment, the meals, the routines, and they help residents get with their daily activities make the senior residents enjoy the following benefits:

Minimal confusion.

The layouts in memory assisted living apartments are unique and well-though to minimize confusion.

Adequate staff to patient ratio.

A balanced level of staff and residents helps everyone get the quality service and care that they need to maintain a good quality of life.

Secure environment.

Families will have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe. People with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia have decreased ability to recognize familiar places. With extra security measures, everyone is assured of a safe environment.

Dementia therapies.

Exercise and therapeutic activities are available not only to provide enjoyment and pleasure but to prevent senior residents from developing depression and isolation.

Experienced staff.

  • Being one of the leading causes of disability among seniors, experienced staff in memory care apartments are proven to show a positive attitude towards patients which is associated with quality care and overall experience throughout their stay.

Fallbrook Memory Care

Starting the New Year right is a commendable attitude. Deciding for the future of your loved one can be tough. However, here at Fallbrook Assisted Living, we understand the need for a secure environment.

Here, we offer specialized services because we know too well the ever-changing needs.

Enjoy solitude in our spacious apartments. Meet new friends at our dining room while savoring your home-cooked meals served restaurant-style. Let our trained staff do the weekly housekeeping and linen service.

Stay connected with your loved ones through our wireless Internet connection. Stay active with an array of activities and entertainment. So, are you ready to live the life you deserve with the assurance of quality care?

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2022 Reading Lists for Senior Housing Residents

New Year means new resolutions, a new hobby, and new books to read in 2022. For those in senior housing, January is a great time of the year to start your new reading lists.

This year, tons of exciting new books are set to release. Be ready to spend more hours turning one page after another as you immerse in to new stories.

Why Reading is Good for the Brain

Constant reading shows to increase brain connectivity and strength according to past studies.

Using brain scans, researchers noticed that the circuits and signals in the brain get stronger throughout the reading period and the days beyond that.

Also, scientists believe that reading protects cognitive function and reduces age-related psychological decline.

In addition, researchers have found that reading at least 30 minutes can reduce any emotional and physical stress. However, reading the news can be stressful. So, adults in senior housing can opt to read novels, magazines, and short stories.

Reading regularly can also lead to improved memory and concentration. Reading is a form of exercise that aids in memory functioning, recall memory, and knowledge.

Lastly, regular reading may help you live longer. Based on a study published in 2017, it is said that reading is associated with a 20% reduction in risk of mortality.

List of New Books for 2022

(Dis)connected: How To Stay Human In An Online World

The book written by Emma Gannon will be out this January 13, 2022. The book discusses how to stay human amongst the wide popularity of the Internet and social media.

With the world adapting to the new normal, Internet has become a necessity for work, school, entertainment, and anything you can think of.

(Dis) connected will help you get back on track and stay in touch with your human side even with humans being dependent on the Internet.


Wolfskin, written by Lara Moreno, is another book to look forward to this January 2022 which talks about sisterhood, sexuality, family, and power.

The story revolves around the two sisters who’s been reunited and have no choice but to face the reality of their lives and their past.

The Paris Apartment

If you are looking for thrill and mystery, this book by Lucy Foley will keep you hooked after just reading a few pages.

This is available for pre-order and will be available by March 2022. So, are you ready to discover the secret that lies behind the Paris apartment?

The Flames

Give your loved one in senior housing a trip back to the beginning of the 20th century. Enjoy this historical fiction that talks about 4 women with their own stories to tell.


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Fallbrook Assisted Living is proud to offer its services to Fremont, NE, and surrounding areas and cities: Arlington, Cedar Bluffs, Ames Nickerson, Fontanelle, Arlington, Leshara, Colon, and Hooper