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4 Zoom Games to Play with a Loved One in a Memory Care Facility

Family celebrations are a lot harder these days because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is even more challenging to celebrate with loved ones in a memory care facility where health protocols are stricter to protect the elderly from contracting the virus.


Thankfully, these facilities allow virtual visits so you can still share quality time with your loved one even if only through Zoom calls. So why not make one of those visits more memorable during the holidays by trying out these four Zoom games with your loved one and family members?




It is one of the most relatable games for seniors and you can have a great time playing it too. Bingo is such a hit no matter what the occasion is, and you can let other family members and even your loved one’s neighbors join in on the fun to make the experience more memorable.


You can send out printable bingo sheets to the memory care facility and ask the staff to print it for your loved one and their friends. Then, on your call, you can designate someone to call out the numbers while the players get busy blocking off their cards. You can even send some snacks over to make the call more fun.




Charades are another party classic, whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah or any other celebration. Seniors love it too, not to mention that it is a good brain exercise. You can organize two teams including your loved one in the memory care facility.


In case you are still not familiar with the game, one team chooses a word under a category and acts it out for teammates to guess. Whoever has the most correct guesses after a set of words will win the game.




You will probably think that your older loved one will not be able to answer questions in a trivia. But try it and you will surely be surprised at how good they can be, especially in answering questions on a topic you know they love.


You just need to come up with a set of trivia questions that your family members including your elderly loved one could guess. You can even squeeze in some questions about the family to make the game personal.


The Alphabet Game


Of course, you cannot miss one of the easiest yet most fun game that you can play on Zoom with your loved one. The Alphabet Game does not need any materials. You just need to have a conversation with each sentence running through the letters of the alphabet. This game can last for hours and you will not even notice how amazing your topics have already been.


No matter what the occasion or the game that you choose to play, what is important is that you make time for your loved ones in memory care facility.


After all, they deserve the best love and care even if they are living in a facility where they can be given the best quality of life.

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4 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays Virtually with a Loved One in Assisted Living

The pandemic has changed a lot of things in this world, especially the way we interact and spend time with our loved ones in assisted living. Being some of the most vulnerable populations for COVID-19, strict protocols are now in place to protect the elderly from contracting the virus.


But even the pandemic should not stop you from making your loved one in assisted living feel loved this holiday season. Here are four ways to celebrate virtually and make him feel included in your holiday festivities:


Prepare a personalized gift box


You do not need to buy something expensive to make your loved one feel special. In fact, it is going to be more meaningful to put a personalized gift box together with a beautiful holiday themed sweater and socks, some hot chocolate mix and even freshly baked cookies straight from your kitchen.


You can even include a Christmas album that could be played while you are doing your Zoom party to make the mood feel more festive and happier.


Send this gift box ahead of time and give special instructions to really make your loved one feel included in the celebration.


Follow some traditions even if you are celebrating virtually


Most elderly depend on traditions and can be one of the things that really make them feel that they belong in the family. If you are used to opening your gifts together on Christmas day or all dressing up in red, follow that even if you are only seeing each other online.


Make sure to give your loved one in senior living an important part in your program like saying taking part in any religious ceremony/saying or reading out the family favorite holiday story. No matter how simple your celebration is, it is the family traditions that will make it all the more special.

Prepare virtual games that your loved one can join in


A virtual Christmas celebration does not have to be boring. In fact, you can play games that your loved one can join in so he can really feel the fun of the season.


Just make sure that your games do not involve running around or doing things that could be risky for him. You can even ask their neighbors in assisted living to get in on the fun to make the celebration a community effort.


Take time to share in meaningful conversations


Although the pandemic has forced us all to be separated from our loved ones this Christmas, it does not mean that we can’t share meaningful conversations with them.


Seniors in assisted living especially love going back down memory lane and telling stories of your favorite holiday memories.


Ask each member of the family to share their fondest memories with your loved one and you can even give him your personal message to really make him feel that he is loved and cared for, even from a distance.


At the end of the day, Christmas should always be Christmas no matter what the situation is. So, make the effort to make this season extra special for your elderly loved one.


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Fallbrook Assisted Living is proud to offer its services to Fremont, NE, and surrounding areas and cities: Arlington, Cedar Bluffs, Ames Nickerson, Fontanelle, Arlington, Leshara, Colon, and Hooper