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Celebrating the Holiday Season in Assisted Living Facilities

While restrictions have been eased since the vaccine rollout, many residents still cannot go out and will remain inside assisted living facilities. This means your loved one will miss traditional family activities everybody used to share and enjoy before.

Fortunately, senior housing facilities now accept family visitors; hence, you can now celebrate the holiday together. Bring in the fun and make the holiday celebration nostalgic, fun, and comforting.

Aside from Christmas celebrated by Christians, other religions observe Hanukkah or Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and Thanksgiving. Regardless of your religion, there is always something to celebrate about starting on the fourth Thursday of November until the last days of December.

Thanksgiving in Assisted Living Facilities

Thanksgiving has been celebrated in the United States. The first Thanksgiving celebration happened in 1621 when Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Native Americans celebrated an autumn harvest feast.

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln declared the national Thanksgiving Day to be commemorated every November.

Dinner, decorations, music, and gift-giving are familiar activities and sights during the Thanksgiving holiday. But it won’t hurt to try new activities to mark the occasion.

Of course, do not forget the classic dishes including stuffed turkey, mashed potato, and pumpkin pie for the Thanksgiving dinner for the family to enjoy.

Help your loved ones in assisted living facilities decorate their private spaces with Thanksgiving-themed pieces. Bring back younger memories through their favorite music. Pen a heartfelt gratitude letter or give your loved one that special gift he/she will always cherish.

Add a little twist to your celebration by adding non-traditional recipes like baked brie with cranberries and pomegranate, apple and honey tarts, balsamic cranberry roast chicken, or glazed lamb chops.

Kwanzaa in Assisted Living

Some people honor their heritage by celebrating Kwanzaa every December 26th to the 1st of January. The weeklong celebration is a combination of several different African celebrations and activities like singing, dancing, poetry reading, storytelling, and feasting.

Residents in assisted living facilities can celebrate Kwanzaa by preparing Mazao, a combination of nuts, fruits, and vegetables on a placemat. Or re-create the sun’s power by lighting 3 red candles, 3 green candles, and 1 black candle placed on a kinara (candle holder).

Hanukkah in Assisted Living

Hanukkah or Festival of Lights is a Jewish festival that lasts for 8 days in December. Senior residents can commemorate the feast by lighting candles on each evening of the festival, reading scriptures daily, almsgiving, and hymn singing.

Christmas in Assisted Living

Christmas is a universal holiday from the Christian faith. However, Christmas has changed dramatically over the years that even non-Christians recognized the festivity every year. Today, the celebration of Christmas without reference to faith, religion, or sect is common.

Regardless of your religion, Christmas is the season of love and giving. It is a season of giving back to the community, to the less fortunate.

It is also the time of the year where people spend the most time with family and friends.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Residents in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities

Gift-giving can be done any time of the year. But nothing is more special than handing that perfect gifts to your loved ones during the holiday season. But finding a gift for a senior loved with Alzheimer’s can be difficult. It should be useful depending on the stage of the ailment of your loved one in Alzheimer’s care facilities.

Here are some holiday gift ideas that you can choose from that show love, thoughtfulness, and creativity for loved ones in Alzheimer’s care facilities.


The gift of a puzzle is great for people with cognitive disorders, low mobility, and patients with early stages of Alzheimer’s. Puzzles in different colors, sizes, and pieces that come in different levels of difficulty provide stimulating comfort, a sense of control, and improved mental speed to patients. Customize or personalize photo puzzles are also great options to refresh the patient’s memories.

The price for puzzles ranges from $13 to $30, all are available online for ease and convenience.

Memory Phone

A memory phone that can store up a specific number of family members or friends’ names, contact details, and photos is straightforward and convenient to use. Patients in Alzheimer’s care facilities can take advantage of its simplified menu to get in touch with family, friends, and caregivers during an emergency.

The price starts from $45 per month up to $60 for a monthly subscription. But this depends on the mobile carrier of your choice.

Music Therapy for Those in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities

Research shows that music helps stimulate the senses of patients with a moderate case of Alzheimer’s. Gift your loved one with a music therapy bear that can hold their favorite nostalgic tunes.

One particular product that is extremely popular is Arthur – the Music Therapy Bear that meets the needs of people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. You can load the bear with around 1,000 songs for only $69.99

Digital Frame

The old-school photo frame is now digital with ease and convenience. Most digital photo frames are Wi-Fi-ready and can hold up thousands of photos, and touchscreen.

Share photos via email, social media account, or from Google drive where other family members can also contribute. The perfect gift for a senior loved one starts from $109.99 on Amazon.

Smart Calendar

Due to memory loss, residents in Alzheimer’s care facilities often forget important dates, appointments, and activities. A smart calendar will keep your loved one’s life a little easier, keeping track of all essential activities in one place.

Keep track of family events, facilities activities, and engagements, chores, meal plans, doctor’s appointments, or grocery lists on a touchscreen device. Price starts at $99.99 on Amazon.

Soap, Lotion, and Fragrances for Those Living in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities

Alzheimer’s care facilities patients with moderate/late Alzheimer’s can use scented soaps, lotion, and fragrances to help stimulate memories. Fragrances that may calm and soothe your loved include lemon and lavender scents.

Rosemary scents can also help with improving memory and alertness.

Perfumes, essential oil blends, diffusers, and scent kits are available for as low as $11.99.


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Fallbrook Assisted Living is proud to offer its services to Fremont, NE, and surrounding areas and cities: Arlington, Cedar Bluffs, Ames Nickerson, Fontanelle, Arlington, Leshara, Colon, and Hooper