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It’s Summer time! Here Are Some Activities for Residents in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities

Every year, thousands of people from around the world are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease with most of them being sent to an Alzheimer’s care facility where they are given better care and protection for their medical condition.

But being in a facility does not mean depriving these residents of the chance to enjoy the summer season.

Here are some of the best activities for them to try while in an Alzheimer’s care facility:



  • Nothing beats hearing good music to lift spirits and have a great time. Residents in Alzheimer’s facilities can request their favorite tunes and even take turns singing or dancing to them. Music therapy is one of the best ways to help people with Alzheimer’s remember lost memories and preserve new ones.


  • According to studies, vitamin D is beneficial in helping to reduce the cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. And what better way to get some much-needed vitamins in than by allowing residents to enjoy some outdoor gardening?

Letting residents create a small garden will give them the chance to get some vitamin D, and have some fun.


  • It is important for residents in an Alzheimer’s care facility to stay fit to not only help them stay strong while dealing with their disease but boost their mood during their stay.

Summer is a great time to exercise outdoors. Zumba, yoga and other fun exercise routines are great ways to help residents get in some exercise.


  • No summer would be complete without an amazing outdoor picnic with residents in Alzheimer’s facilities. Since the sun is out, it’s the perfect time to bring the residents outside where they can enjoy nature while having a hearty lunch.

Don’t forget to pack enough snacks and frozen treats to make sure that everyone enjoys a great time, but load up on water so residents can keep themselves hydrated while being exposed to the heat of the sun.

Arts and crafts

  • Of course, there is always one of the best activities to do for residents during the summer—arts and crafts. Whether it’s crocheting or painting vases, residents in an Alzheimer’s care facility can get as creative as they want during the summer where they can go outdoors to be inspired by nature.

They can also put together some scrapbooks filled with memories of their younger years, so they can look back on them whenever they want.


Summer is a great time to allow residents in Alzheimer’s facilities to enjoy their time outdoors. This way they don’t feel confined within the walls of their bedrooms. This will allow them to make new memories and live the best quality of life during their late adulthood years.

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How to Celebrate Father’s Day with Your Dad in Senior Housing

When you were younger, Father’s Day meant spending time out with your Dad eating at your favorite restaurant, going to the park to play, and just having a great time together. But now that your dad is in senior housing, you might be having a harder time deciding how to celebrate the important day.

Here are some ideas:


Bring his favorite food

For sure, you have one or two favorite diners or restaurants to go to whenever you went out with your dad.

So, why not bring him back to those days even if he’s already in senior housing? You could order all your favorite foods and set up a picnic. Share good food and reminisce on those good, old memories together.


Take a virtual museum tour

If your Dad loves going to museums, you can give him that same experience by booking a virtual museum tour in one of the many popular museums around the world.

Now you don’t need to travel to experience the work of his favorite artist or exhibit. You can enjoy the feeling of exclusivity knowing that the tour is just for you.


Watch his favorite sport

If your Dad is a big sports fan, then you can’t miss watching his favorite team’s game together on Father’s Day.

You can even buy two jerseys or shirts for you to wear together while watching the game. Of course, don’t forget to bring lots of snacks to complete the experience.


Organize a game day

If dad loved playing card or board games when he was younger, you can’t miss the opportunity to suggest a game day to his senior housing place.

This is a good way to bring other residents in on the fun. Buy some fun games, bring good food and of course, don’t forget the prizes.


Create a scrapbook

Memories are such an important part of the lives of residents in senior housing. It is often what keeps them going, especially if they’re suffering from a debilitating medical condition such as Alzheimer’s.

Take dad down memory lane by creating a scrapbook containing special moments you have together. It could be the first time he held you after you were born, your first sporting event, graduation day, and all the family gatherings that you celebrated together.

Scrapbooks are a great way to bring back those cherished memories and look back at them whenever he misses home.


Your Dad has always been there for you. Now it’s your chance to make him feel valued on Father’s Day.

No matter how simple your celebration, what matters most is the effort that you put towards making him happy.

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