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How to Keep Up with Physical Activity in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities

We are all aware of the benefits of physical exercise to our bodies. It can enhance mood, reduce depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, improve sleep, and improve quality of life. These benefits are even more crucial for those living in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities.

Exercise promotes the release of chemicals like serotonin and endorphins responsible for enhancing your mood. That way, this will motivate you to socialize, get in touch with family or friends, and lessen the feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Unfortunately, as we age, we tend to slow down due to a variety of reasons. It could be due to weight gain, pain issues, health problems, and other health-related difficulties.

But as a senior adult, physical activities will not only maintain your weight but also boost your energy, protect your heart, and manage your illnesses. In addition, all forms of physical activity are good for your memory and mood.

Even adults in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities can reap the benefits of physical exercise. Although this can be a challenge given the current state that you are in, it is never too late to do simple and enjoyable ways to stay physically active.


Although it is a whole lot different as you age and simple walking may be a challenge but regular walking can lower the risk for a variety of health conditions.

Spend at least 30-40 minutes walking outside with a loved one. If not, then you may do it on a treadmill with supervision from a professional carer.

If you have trouble walking, you can do simple tasks like sweeping, folding the laundry, vacuuming, or any other light chores. Or you can use a stationary bike, a stretching band, or a rubber ball that you can throw back and forth with other residents in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities.


Weight training is an excellent exercise to combat bone loss. It is also an effective way to improve cognitive issues. Senior adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s can do light weightlifting using household items, soda, or soup cans.

Low-Impact Aerobics

Alzheimer’s Care Facilities can organize low-impact aerobic workout routines for their residents. These are not only helpful but also great ways to encourage their residents to participate, socialize, and have fun.


Mowing, pruning, raking, and watering the plants are simple activities that do not feel like structured exercise. Sweeping or picking up falling leaves will not only tidy the lawn but can be beneficial to residents with memory problems.


Most memory care facilities organize dancing parties, but this can be done regularly as not only a form of socialization but regular exercise.

Exercise without a doubt is beneficial for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. However, these physical activities must be safe. Before starting with an exercise routine, it is suggested to do the following:

  • Speak with the person’s primary doctor first
  • Make sure the person with Alzheimer’s is with a caregiver or family member when doing outdoor exercise
  • Hydration, sunscreen, and protective gear are important for outdoor exercise.

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Welcoming Fall in Fallbrook Assisted Living Ideas

Change of seasons is an opportunity to give your Fallbrook assisted living apartment a fresh look by doing DIY crafts. Since fall is just around the corner, it is also a perfect time to spend time with friends from the facility.

You can welcome the fall with these amazing ideas that are easy to follow. Learn and share the fun with friends from assisted living with these ideas.

DIY Fall Crafts

The ideas to celebrate fall are limitless. DIY fall crafts range from a rustic wood sign or wood “pumpkin”, wreaths, bandanas, fall candy baskets, fabric jars, and so much more.

Make cute fabric pumpkins or large ones for your table which can be done on a sewing machine or by hand. Make different sizes and colors as these can be great gifts to friends or family.

A glowing mason jar with real or made of silk maple leaves can add warmth and glow to your room. Or make a wreath out of burlap and artificial flowers. Or a grapevine wreath painted with autumn colors.

Bring out your creative side by doing cross stitches, making accent pillows, leaf garlands, autumn-colored rugs, decorating pinecones, and more.

Fall Drink Recipes

Delicious drinks will complete the fun with your friends at Fallbrook assisted living. There are non-alcoholic drinks that are delicious and will surely delight kids and adults alike.

Caramel and Apple Milkshake

This sweet and tasty combo is easy to prepare. Pair this with a slice of apple pie to make it extra special. Click here for the recipe.

Hot Chocolate

The classic hot chocolate is perfect for chilly nights. You can add your cream, caramel, or marshmallow to complete this all-time favorite.

Harvest Fall Punch Cocktail

This is the perfect treat if you want to quench your thirst but wanting something different. Simply mix lemonade, non-alcoholic apple cider, orange juice, sparkling water, apples, and 1 orange in a pitcher. Chill, serve, and enjoy with friends or family at your Fallbrook assisted living apartment.

Snickerdoodle Latte

If you are a coffee lover but looking for something tasty and comforting, this drink deserves a spot on your list of “must tries” during that crisp autumn evening.

Mix milk, ground cinnamon, and brown sugar in a mason jar. Cover and shake for about 60 seconds. Remove the cover and heat in the microwave for at least half a minute. Pour coffee and milk into the jar. Then sprinkle with ground cinnamon on top.

Fan Favorite Fall Scents

Get that complete autumn feel with these fragrances. Scented candles will not only spice up the season but also boost your mood, improve sleep, and quality of life.

Get a pumpkin spice candle, spiced apple candle, cinnamon and nutmeg candle, harvest spice candle, maple candle, vanilla candle, and other autumn scented candles to stimulate memories and emotions.

Choose your favorite scent to promote joy, peace, enhance focus, soothing and healthy aroma for that extra sense of calm to help with anxiety or depression.

Every change of season is a great way to be creative while giving your Fallbrook assisted living home a brand-new look. For information on Fallbrook Assisted Living floorplans and pricing, click here!

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How to Deal with Anxiety When Moving to Senior Housing

Retirement can trigger mixed emotions and will make you face important decisions including whether to stay in senior housing or not.

Deciding to stay in a retirement home offers numerous benefits such as having low maintenance, being safe, secure, and healthy while still enjoying independence. But despite its wonderful benefits, moving can be stressful.

Tips on How to Reduce Moving Anxiety

Moving can be exhausting and stressful at any age. However, for seniors, moving to a new place is more than just about the physical stress. Moving into a new house can trigger sadness, anxiety, and depression.

Below are helpful tips that you can adapt to make the transition lighter.

Plan Ahead

Carefully plan on when exactly the move will happen to reduce anxiety and stress. It may seem easier to make decisions on your own, but it is best to include your senior loved one in the planning process.

This will also help you come up with the list of belongings your loved one wants to bring in the senior housing apartment he/she will be staying in.

Careful planning also means preparing a pack of medication, personal care items, toiletries, and other essentials.

Including a senior loved one in your decision-making process will lessen the overwhelming feeling of moving out from a familiar place.

Maintain Respect

Downsizing must be done before the big day. Maintain the use of kind language and always exercise empathy. Show respect when making decisions on what to keep and what to give away.

Seek the opinion of your elder on what to get rid of for what may look junk to you can be valuable or something with sentimental attachment. Spend with your loved one and go about keeping or donating those items that won’t be of use or won’t fit into the apartment.

Or you can suggest keeping these treasured items within the family. Ask family members if they are interested to keep cherished items. Doing so will give your senior loved one peace of mind.

Create a Familiar Space

Make your loved one choose the furniture or décor she/he wants to bring to the senior living villa or apartment. Instead of buying new decorations, stick to something familiar instead by bringing the bedside lamp, table, or chair.

Remember to Laugh

Maintain a lighthearted tone in everything that you do throughout the process. Do your best and encourage your loved ones to do the same. And even with careful planning, things can go wrong, so make sure you do not get easily frustrated.

Always aim for greater results and the benefit of your loved one. Laugh at small inconveniences instead of getting angry. Be patient in dealing with problems and when your loved one will see you frustrated or in a bad mood, he/she will feel the same.

Preparing for a move to a senior living facility can be both depressing and daunting for the family and the senior. With mixed feelings and negative emotions, the decision is not an easy journey.

But you and the rest of the family members can make things a lot easier by following these easy tips. If you still have questions or need assistance about moving to senior housing, click here!

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Fun Labor Day Activities for Memory Assisted Living Residents

Labor Day is not just about honoring the great Americans who dedicated their lives to build a better America that today’s generation has enjoyed. It is also remembering the seniors, especially in memory assisted living facilities who worked hard in their individual roles for the betterment of our community.

Apart from the fun activities, food, and socialization, Labor Day is an excellent way to stimulate the brain of our senior loved ones. Looking back on their younger years and the days of hard work can bring so many good memories which is a cheap yet effective brain exercise.

If you have been looking forward to this National holiday, here are some fun activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Host a Mini Party at Your Memory Assisted Living Facility

Gather your senior loved one along with other senior residents in the backyard for a barbecue or tea party. Regardless of your choice, this is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time in nice warm weather.

Prepare tables and chairs under a shade and cold drinks so seniors stay hydrated and cool while outdoors.

Apart from BBQ or cookies and tea, put together simple games that all ages can participate in. Board games like scrabble, monopoly and trivial pursuit are all-time favorites for better brain health.

Picnic in the Park or at the Beach

If possible, bring your loved one outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Being confined within the walls of his/her memory assisted living apartment can be boring, so a day outside in a nearby park or beach can be an awesome experience.

Try fishing or simply set up a picnic spread while spending quality time together. Moments like this are precious while allowing one to connect back with their loved ones.

Attend Local Events

Make your research on local events that the whole family can enjoy. Make use of the Internet to see what’s going in your area. Celebrate the holiday through local fairs, parades, and festivals. Or relearn history by visiting museums where free admissions are given during the holiday.

Attend musical plays, watch movies or art galleries. Labor Day lets you bond with the grandchildren while appreciating a good play or movie that you can talk about in the next visiting session.

Connect with Younger Generations

Arts and Crafts making is a perfect opportunity to get creative while creating a special bond with the kids. Recreate the American flag using recyclable materials; create a family portrait using water-based paint, or anything easy where everyone can participate in.

Reminisce On Family Moments

This activity will allow seniors in memory assisted living facilities to talk about precious moments in the past. Share old photos or exchange stories that can be great sources of great learning for the younger generation. All these do not only create a special bond but are effective ways to boost mental health.

Labor Day is a great day to relax, unwind, and be with your loved ones in memory assisted living. For a look into life at Fallbrook Assisted Living, click here!

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Just How Helpful is Memory Care Assisted Living? Find Out With These Six Proven Benefits

Sending a loved one to a memory care assisted living facility is a safe way to live while getting high-quality care. While it can be difficult at first, a memory care facility can provide numerous benefits not only to your relative but to the whole family as well.

Do you have a loved one suffering from dementia? Or maybe Alzheimer’s who is showing signs of forgetfulness, or decline in memory? You might be wondering what steps are needed to help this family member with his or her memory-related illness.

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other forms of memory loss, the next step is to make sure this dear member of the family will still live a good quality of life.

Here are some of the benefits both parties can expect when a family member becomes part of the memory care community.

Specialized Services

Memory care facilities provide personalized services dedicated to each individual’s exact needs. Residents in memory care receive professional medical assistance, care plans, and techniques for their optimum benefits.

Highly Trained Caretakers

Memory care assisted living communities to hire licensed and trained nurses and caregivers who are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to care for those with memory-related illnesses.

Not only those, these professional staffs do not only understand the sensitive need of their residents but are trained to spot any life-threatening changes while providing compassion and care.

Advance Medical Care and Services

In addition to trained and professional nurses and staff, memory care facilities also have axillary services in their clinics. They also have on-call primary health care providers or resident doctors for medical needs. Besides, transportation is available for emergency and advanced medical care needs.

24-Hours Support

Families do not have to worry about worsened conditions over time for memory care communities offer round-the-clock security and support. You can rest easy knowing there is on-site care in case of emergencies.

Activities and Socialization

Those with a memory-related illness often lack socialization. Juggling between work and personal life may be a challenge making it difficult for family members to interact with each other.

Residents in memory care assisted living homes regularly communicated with their caretakers and other residents through activities and daily care. This kind of support is available at any time, but residents also have the choice to do “me” time.

Improved Overall Wellness

Proper diet and nutrition are paramount to keep a healthy lifestyle. But, for those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, staying in good health can be a challenge; hence, health care providers in memory care communities are real gems. They ensure that residents receive appropriate care and optimal nutrition.

Memory care assisted living facilities have specialists creating meal plans that meet the specific dietary needs of their residents.

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Summer Activities for Recent Retirees in Assisted Living

Retiring from work can be a liberating yet overwhelming feeling.  Retirement gives you the freedom to do all the things you have been yearning to do. But how do you fill the days if you are in assisted living particularly during the warm weather?

Summertime is a great time to have fun and create memories in the new environment. Being in a senior living setting will allow you not just to focus on one hobby but to meet new friends and live life.

Rediscover Your City

With so little time prior to your retirement, it is normal to have limited time to unwind, relax, and explore y our city. But now that you have the luxury of time, you might want to explore and rediscover your city.

Create your local bucket list and give yourself some real adventure. You can embark on a solo trip or bring a new friend you met at the facility or some family members.

Explore streets you do not frequent before. Travel back in time and hear tales about your city like never before.

Revisit landmarks, museums, or libraries and learn the stories of the past. Treat yourself to some authentic local delicacy at local restaurants and shop for fresh produce from local farmers.

Get Involved in Assisted Living

Make a difference in your community by organizing events and projects to help people in need. Get in touch with local charities and see how you can help.

Spread the word as your newfound friends in assisted living might have something to share. Reach out to your family, former colleagues, and acquaintances who want to extend their help.

Learn A New Skill

Getting old does not mean you should stop learning. Retirement is a perfect opportunity for you to learn something new. Get active through Zumba or Yoga lessons. Learn how to play a musical instrument or speak multiple languages through various language classes online or face-to-face.

Pursue the things you love but never had the chance to fulfill in your younger years. You can learn all these virtually and some are for free.

Play Games

Playing word games, trivia, board games, card games, and more are not only fun but awesome ways to exercise your brain cells. Invite family members and fellow residents for an afternoon or a night of genuine fun.

Attend A Summer Camp

Specialized camps are now becoming popular these days where you can get active. Participate in numerous outdoor activities which are modified to fit physical challenges that come as you age.

Attend Local Events

Be updated with current happenings in your community by going to concerts, film showings, theater shows, competitions, and such where special offers for seniors and those in assisted living facilities can enjoy whatever they fancy.


You do not really have to go out and do something. A relaxing afternoon while listening to your favorite music or reading an interesting book would suffice as a cheap way to chill, right?

Make a list of the things you want to do this summer in your new assisted living community and make your musings become a reality.


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It’s Summer time! Here Are Some Activities for Residents in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities

Every year, thousands of people from around the world are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease with most of them being sent to an Alzheimer’s care facility where they are given better care and protection for their medical condition.

But being in a facility does not mean depriving these residents of the chance to enjoy the summer season.

Here are some of the best activities for them to try while in an Alzheimer’s care facility:



  • Nothing beats hearing good music to lift spirits and have a great time. Residents in Alzheimer’s facilities can request their favorite tunes and even take turns singing or dancing to them. Music therapy is one of the best ways to help people with Alzheimer’s remember lost memories and preserve new ones.


  • According to studies, vitamin D is beneficial in helping to reduce the cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. And what better way to get some much-needed vitamins in than by allowing residents to enjoy some outdoor gardening?

Letting residents create a small garden will give them the chance to get some vitamin D, and have some fun.


  • It is important for residents in an Alzheimer’s care facility to stay fit to not only help them stay strong while dealing with their disease but boost their mood during their stay.

Summer is a great time to exercise outdoors. Zumba, yoga and other fun exercise routines are great ways to help residents get in some exercise.


  • No summer would be complete without an amazing outdoor picnic with residents in Alzheimer’s facilities. Since the sun is out, it’s the perfect time to bring the residents outside where they can enjoy nature while having a hearty lunch.

Don’t forget to pack enough snacks and frozen treats to make sure that everyone enjoys a great time, but load up on water so residents can keep themselves hydrated while being exposed to the heat of the sun.

Arts and crafts

  • Of course, there is always one of the best activities to do for residents during the summer—arts and crafts. Whether it’s crocheting or painting vases, residents in an Alzheimer’s care facility can get as creative as they want during the summer where they can go outdoors to be inspired by nature.

They can also put together some scrapbooks filled with memories of their younger years, so they can look back on them whenever they want.


Summer is a great time to allow residents in Alzheimer’s facilities to enjoy their time outdoors. This way they don’t feel confined within the walls of their bedrooms. This will allow them to make new memories and live the best quality of life during their late adulthood years.

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How to Celebrate Father’s Day with Your Dad in Senior Housing

When you were younger, Father’s Day meant spending time out with your Dad eating at your favorite restaurant, going to the park to play, and just having a great time together. But now that your dad is in senior housing, you might be having a harder time deciding how to celebrate the important day.

Here are some ideas:


Bring his favorite food

For sure, you have one or two favorite diners or restaurants to go to whenever you went out with your dad.

So, why not bring him back to those days even if he’s already in senior housing? You could order all your favorite foods and set up a picnic. Share good food and reminisce on those good, old memories together.


Take a virtual museum tour

If your Dad loves going to museums, you can give him that same experience by booking a virtual museum tour in one of the many popular museums around the world.

Now you don’t need to travel to experience the work of his favorite artist or exhibit. You can enjoy the feeling of exclusivity knowing that the tour is just for you.


Watch his favorite sport

If your Dad is a big sports fan, then you can’t miss watching his favorite team’s game together on Father’s Day.

You can even buy two jerseys or shirts for you to wear together while watching the game. Of course, don’t forget to bring lots of snacks to complete the experience.


Organize a game day

If dad loved playing card or board games when he was younger, you can’t miss the opportunity to suggest a game day to his senior housing place.

This is a good way to bring other residents in on the fun. Buy some fun games, bring good food and of course, don’t forget the prizes.


Create a scrapbook

Memories are such an important part of the lives of residents in senior housing. It is often what keeps them going, especially if they’re suffering from a debilitating medical condition such as Alzheimer’s.

Take dad down memory lane by creating a scrapbook containing special moments you have together. It could be the first time he held you after you were born, your first sporting event, graduation day, and all the family gatherings that you celebrated together.

Scrapbooks are a great way to bring back those cherished memories and look back at them whenever he misses home.


Your Dad has always been there for you. Now it’s your chance to make him feel valued on Father’s Day.

No matter how simple your celebration, what matters most is the effort that you put towards making him happy.

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Memorial Day Celebration Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living Facilities

Memorial Day is an American Holiday celebrated every last Monday of May to honor the lives of the Americans who served the country. Originally called Decoration Day, this officially became a federal holiday in 1971 in Waterloo, New York. Since the essence of the celebration is remembering those who came before us, who sacrificed their lives for America, it is no surprise that seniors in assisted living facilities love to take part in the event.

Memorial Day Ideas for Assisted Living Facilities

Spend the day with your family in assisted living facilities

If you have a loved one in senior housing and physical contact is permitted, visit and spend the holiday with them. Bring along other family members and share family treats while reminiscing family trivia and stories.

Visit the cemetery

Take the opportunity to go out for fresh air at the same time visit a departed loved one’s tomb. If not, then just visit a soldier cemetery. You might want to add a bouquet of flowers in the memory of the fallen heroes.

Games and Trivia

Invite other residents and play trivia related to military history. This will not only be fun for everyone but also a healthy exercise for the brain.

Fundraising Activity

You can suggest in the assisted living facilities management or staff to organize a fundraiser to help and support the families of fallen soldiers.

Memorial Day Craft Day

This idea can be both enjoyed in person or during a family virtual party. Since some assisted living facilities still do not allow personal visits, you can share the fun with your loved one while on a video call.

Create patriotic crafts together like making or drawing flags, patriotic paper flowers, paint tin pails, flag wreaths, star papers, and so much more.

Wear Red, White, and Blue

Regardless of if you are doing this in person or virtually, you are still showing respect. Bring family members to the facility if restrictions are lifted and encouraged everyone to wear red, white, and blue. If not, then you can still at home through a video call.

Recorded message

This is another idea if assisted living facilities in your state still do not allow family visits.

Take time to ask your family members to record a message for your loved one as a way of showing their love and respect.

It is also fitting if your loved one is a senior veteran. Simple gestures like this will make them feel special and appreciated.

Whichever way you want to celebrate Memorial Day, remember that it is the thought that counts. Even with these simple ideas, you can still honor those who fought for our freedom.


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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Memory Care Assisted Living

Showing how much you appreciate your mother can be done in countless ways, every single day. With Mother’s Day approaching, there is no better way to spend time with the woman who shaped who you are today. With some social distancing protocols still in place, this year’s celebration will be different from the previous years. But this does not mean that you cannot celebrate the holiday with your loved ones in memory care assisted living.

Ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in Memory Care Assisted Living

While many places are still navigating through the ease of social distancing, we are excited to share these fun and safe ideas:

Virtual Party

Set up a video call along with other family members through your choice of online platform. Make it even more special by making handmade signs, banners, balloons, or other decorations. Recorded messages from other family members are also great reminders that she is special.

Send Gifts

With limited options, you can always send a gift to her memory care assisted living facility. It can be from professionally prepared gift or something that you have worked hard for.

A box of goodies like the food and self care items will add spark and sunshine to her day, all the way.

Food Package

If you have the luxury of time and skills to cook, you can prepare her favorite meal, family recipe, or bake family treats to remind her of the good old days.

While some are still not allowed to head out to make this day extra special, some states have already eased their health protocols. If you are lucky, you might get to visit your mother this Mother’s Day. So, when you do, you can try these ideas to share special moments with her.

Try Something New

Create new memories with your Mom by trying out something new together. Many memory care facilities will host community games or events for holidays. This is a great time to join in on some new activities while staying safe.

Help her in mending her garden, play trivia games, or just reminisce the younger years to help her refresh her memory at the same time bring back the glorious days.

Go on a Picnic

Pack one of your family’s favorite meals, a book, a board game, and enjoy the outdoors in a nearby park. A change of scenery is refreshing which helps boost her mood.

Play with the grandkids

If possible, you can bring your kids to your Mom’s place. Include the kiddos in different Mother’s Day activities as their way of bonding. Memories and connections to last a lifetime are created through shared activities with the old and younger generations.

If your Mom or a loved one is in memory care assisted living, start planning your options now. Whether you spend this holiday virtual or in person, you are sure to create memories that will be forever treasured.


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