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It’s Summer time! Here Are Some Activities for Residents in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities

Every year, thousands of people from around the world are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease with most of them being sent to an Alzheimer’s care facility where they are given better care and protection for their medical condition.

But being in a facility does not mean depriving these residents of the chance to enjoy the summer season.

Here are some of the best activities for them to try while in an Alzheimer’s care facility:



  • Nothing beats hearing good music to lift spirits and have a great time. Residents in Alzheimer’s facilities can request their favorite tunes and even take turns singing or dancing to them. Music therapy is one of the best ways to help people with Alzheimer’s remember lost memories and preserve new ones.


  • According to studies, vitamin D is beneficial in helping to reduce the cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. And what better way to get some much-needed vitamins in than by allowing residents to enjoy some outdoor gardening?

Letting residents create a small garden will give them the chance to get some vitamin D, and have some fun.


  • It is important for residents in an Alzheimer’s care facility to stay fit to not only help them stay strong while dealing with their disease but boost their mood during their stay.

Summer is a great time to exercise outdoors. Zumba, yoga and other fun exercise routines are great ways to help residents get in some exercise.


  • No summer would be complete without an amazing outdoor picnic with residents in Alzheimer’s facilities. Since the sun is out, it’s the perfect time to bring the residents outside where they can enjoy nature while having a hearty lunch.

Don’t forget to pack enough snacks and frozen treats to make sure that everyone enjoys a great time, but load up on water so residents can keep themselves hydrated while being exposed to the heat of the sun.

Arts and crafts

  • Of course, there is always one of the best activities to do for residents during the summer—arts and crafts. Whether it’s crocheting or painting vases, residents in an Alzheimer’s care facility can get as creative as they want during the summer where they can go outdoors to be inspired by nature.

They can also put together some scrapbooks filled with memories of their younger years, so they can look back on them whenever they want.


Summer is a great time to allow residents in Alzheimer’s facilities to enjoy their time outdoors. This way they don’t feel confined within the walls of their bedrooms. This will allow them to make new memories and live the best quality of life during their late adulthood years.

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How to Celebrate Father’s Day with Your Dad in Senior Housing

When you were younger, Father’s Day meant spending time out with your Dad eating at your favorite restaurant, going to the park to play, and just having a great time together. But now that your dad is in senior housing, you might be having a harder time deciding how to celebrate the important day.

Here are some ideas:


Bring his favorite food

For sure, you have one or two favorite diners or restaurants to go to whenever you went out with your dad.

So, why not bring him back to those days even if he’s already in senior housing? You could order all your favorite foods and set up a picnic. Share good food and reminisce on those good, old memories together.


Take a virtual museum tour

If your Dad loves going to museums, you can give him that same experience by booking a virtual museum tour in one of the many popular museums around the world.

Now you don’t need to travel to experience the work of his favorite artist or exhibit. You can enjoy the feeling of exclusivity knowing that the tour is just for you.


Watch his favorite sport

If your Dad is a big sports fan, then you can’t miss watching his favorite team’s game together on Father’s Day.

You can even buy two jerseys or shirts for you to wear together while watching the game. Of course, don’t forget to bring lots of snacks to complete the experience.


Organize a game day

If dad loved playing card or board games when he was younger, you can’t miss the opportunity to suggest a game day to his senior housing place.

This is a good way to bring other residents in on the fun. Buy some fun games, bring good food and of course, don’t forget the prizes.


Create a scrapbook

Memories are such an important part of the lives of residents in senior housing. It is often what keeps them going, especially if they’re suffering from a debilitating medical condition such as Alzheimer’s.

Take dad down memory lane by creating a scrapbook containing special moments you have together. It could be the first time he held you after you were born, your first sporting event, graduation day, and all the family gatherings that you celebrated together.

Scrapbooks are a great way to bring back those cherished memories and look back at them whenever he misses home.


Your Dad has always been there for you. Now it’s your chance to make him feel valued on Father’s Day.

No matter how simple your celebration, what matters most is the effort that you put towards making him happy.

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Memorial Day Celebration Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living Facilities

Memorial Day is an American Holiday celebrated every last Monday of May to honor the lives of the Americans who served the country. Originally called Decoration Day, this officially became a federal holiday in 1971 in Waterloo, New York. Since the essence of the celebration is remembering those who came before us, who sacrificed their lives for America, it is no surprise that seniors in assisted living facilities love to take part in the event.

Memorial Day Ideas for Assisted Living Facilities

Spend the day with your family in assisted living facilities

If you have a loved one in senior housing and physical contact is permitted, visit and spend the holiday with them. Bring along other family members and share family treats while reminiscing family trivia and stories.

Visit the cemetery

Take the opportunity to go out for fresh air at the same time visit a departed loved one’s tomb. If not, then just visit a soldier cemetery. You might want to add a bouquet of flowers in the memory of the fallen heroes.

Games and Trivia

Invite other residents and play trivia related to military history. This will not only be fun for everyone but also a healthy exercise for the brain.

Fundraising Activity

You can suggest in the assisted living facilities management or staff to organize a fundraiser to help and support the families of fallen soldiers.

Memorial Day Craft Day

This idea can be both enjoyed in person or during a family virtual party. Since some assisted living facilities still do not allow personal visits, you can share the fun with your loved one while on a video call.

Create patriotic crafts together like making or drawing flags, patriotic paper flowers, paint tin pails, flag wreaths, star papers, and so much more.

Wear Red, White, and Blue

Regardless of if you are doing this in person or virtually, you are still showing respect. Bring family members to the facility if restrictions are lifted and encouraged everyone to wear red, white, and blue. If not, then you can still at home through a video call.

Recorded message

This is another idea if assisted living facilities in your state still do not allow family visits.

Take time to ask your family members to record a message for your loved one as a way of showing their love and respect.

It is also fitting if your loved one is a senior veteran. Simple gestures like this will make them feel special and appreciated.

Whichever way you want to celebrate Memorial Day, remember that it is the thought that counts. Even with these simple ideas, you can still honor those who fought for our freedom.


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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Memory Care Assisted Living

Showing how much you appreciate your mother can be done in countless ways, every single day. With Mother’s Day approaching, there is no better way to spend time with the woman who shaped who you are today. With some social distancing protocols still in place, this year’s celebration will be different from the previous years. But this does not mean that you cannot celebrate the holiday with your loved ones in memory care assisted living.

Ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in Memory Care Assisted Living

While many places are still navigating through the ease of social distancing, we are excited to share these fun and safe ideas:

Virtual Party

Set up a video call along with other family members through your choice of online platform. Make it even more special by making handmade signs, banners, balloons, or other decorations. Recorded messages from other family members are also great reminders that she is special.

Send Gifts

With limited options, you can always send a gift to her memory care assisted living facility. It can be from professionally prepared gift or something that you have worked hard for.

A box of goodies like the food and self care items will add spark and sunshine to her day, all the way.

Food Package

If you have the luxury of time and skills to cook, you can prepare her favorite meal, family recipe, or bake family treats to remind her of the good old days.

While some are still not allowed to head out to make this day extra special, some states have already eased their health protocols. If you are lucky, you might get to visit your mother this Mother’s Day. So, when you do, you can try these ideas to share special moments with her.

Try Something New

Create new memories with your Mom by trying out something new together. Many memory care facilities will host community games or events for holidays. This is a great time to join in on some new activities while staying safe.

Help her in mending her garden, play trivia games, or just reminisce the younger years to help her refresh her memory at the same time bring back the glorious days.

Go on a Picnic

Pack one of your family’s favorite meals, a book, a board game, and enjoy the outdoors in a nearby park. A change of scenery is refreshing which helps boost her mood.

Play with the grandkids

If possible, you can bring your kids to your Mom’s place. Include the kiddos in different Mother’s Day activities as their way of bonding. Memories and connections to last a lifetime are created through shared activities with the old and younger generations.

If your Mom or a loved one is in memory care assisted living, start planning your options now. Whether you spend this holiday virtual or in person, you are sure to create memories that will be forever treasured.


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Honoring Our Home: Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Your Assisted Living Facility

Every 22nd day of April, the world honors the only place we all call home. In assisted living this day can be filled with great eco-friendly decisions.

Earth Day has always been symbolic because it thrusted different environmental issues into the limelight so authorities could finally take notice and address them.

Since 1970, many changes have been enforced to make sure that the earth is protected, and Earth Day is a reminder of our crucial role in making sure that our future generations still have a planet to call home.

Even if you are in assisted living, you can still contribute to honoring Earth Day through these simple practices:

Unplug your appliances

  • This practice is not only important for safety in assisted living facilities, but it also helps in making sure that you are not wasting energy. Unplugging appliances that are not in use can already help save the environment by reducing waste and preserving energy.


Create an indoor garden in your assisted living home

  • Being in assisted living does not mean that you can’t enjoy your own garden. If you do not have a backyard to work with, create an indoor garden using pots where you can plant flowers and vegetables. Gardening does not only help the earth; it also allows you to stay active and even promote mental wellness.


Turn the tap off

  • The simple act of turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth or scrubbing your hands with soap can already do a lot in conserving water, which is fast becoming a scarce resource in our planet. In fact, you can save up to eight gallons of water every day just by turning off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth.


Go eco-friendly in Assisted Living

  • A lot of assisted living facilities are now embracing the beauty of eco-friendly products because they are safe, efficient and good for the environment. You can follow the same practice by switching to eco-friendly products that you can use for your daily needs.



Turn off the lights

  • Turning off lights while you are not in the room or utilizing natural day light can cut energy usage significantly. This means reducing the waste being emitted to the environment.


Ditch plastic

  • One of the best ways to honor the earth is to eliminate the use of plastic products. Something as simple as switching to reusable water bottles or eco-friendly bags makes a huge difference in reducing single-use plastics.


Celebrating with simple practices can be loads of fun. Contributing to the healing of our planet and protection from further damage will take a little from us all. It does not matter if you’re in assisted living or back at home.

You can do something to contribute to the change that the planet so desperately needs from all of us. These simple changes in your lifestyle and way of living can already do a lot in saving our only home.


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World Health Day 2021: Ways to check in on your mental and physical health in Nursing Homes | Lincoln, NE

Perhaps there is no better time to truly celebrate World Health Day than now after the year we have had. In nursing homes across America, good health is treasured more than ever.

Celebrated on the 7th of April every year, this milestone commemorates the founding date of the World Health Organization in 1948 and how it has become the pillar of health around the world since then.

This year holds more significance, however, because of everything that we’re going through. Especially those in nursing homes in Lincoln, NE, and across America.

So, as we celebrate World Health Day 2021, here are some ways to keep your mental and physical health:


Recognize your feelings

  • We are all put into a very uncertain situation that none of us prepared for. This is true for those in nursing homes where it’s hard to not have family members visiting due to restrictions.
  • One of the best ways to handle this is by recognizing your emotions and talking about them. This makes processing your emotions so much easier than bottling everything inside.


Give yourself a break

  • Being stuck in a routine, especially in nursing homes where activities may be repetitive could take a toll on your mental and physical health.


So always give yourself a break to recharge and refocus your energy on things that matter. Read a book, watch a movie, or just meditate. These small breaks will help you to relax your mind and hit the reset button so you could go back to your routines with more enthusiasm and inspiration.



Stay active

  • Exercising does not only benefit your body; it also does wonders to your mind. When you keep yourself active, you are keeping yourself in good shape while also releasing stress. Exercise is extremely helpful because it helps you feel happier, it gives you better sleep and it allows your mind to concentrate better.


Manage your time

  • This may be a huge challenge, but it’s very important to manage your time wisely if you want to enjoy good mental wellness.


If you have been spending most of your time working, you may find yourself unproductive. So, make sure to allocate time for family, eating and just taking care of yourself. This will help you prevent burnout and let you enjoy all the areas of your life.


Finally, it is very important to ask for support whenever you need to.

  • It could be a family member, a friend or a professional. There is no shame in admitting that you’re anxious or depressed about something because most of us feel the same way at some point.

Having the right support will help you keep yourself mentally healthy and you can also be the support that your family member or friend needs.

World Health Day is a reminder to us that health really is wealth. This year, this milestone has more meaning because of the huge challenge to our healthcare with the pandemic.


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Preparing for Spring in Senior Assisted Living

Spring represents hope and new beginnings. It is an opportunity to appreciate the blooming perennials outside, to clean out, distress, go out and welcome the Earth as it comes to life again. People in assisted living facilities can take advantage of the warmth of the sun, enjoy the colors outside, and get physically active.

But knowing the residents are quite sensitive due to existing conditions and old age, welcoming spring needs careful planning.

These preparations are not only to prepare their homes for the new season but also to ensure they are safe and comfortable.

Clean Up

Foremost, cleaning up the walkways is a must to reduce the risks of falls. Unnecessary furniture and fixture that can obstruct the movement must be removed. The same goes for wiring, cords, or rugs that may cause fall or tripping must be moved elsewhere.

Do not forget to include the parts of the assisted living apartment or homes that are often neglected or have been temporarily ignored during winter. Include the windows, window casings, blinds, dusty ceiling fans, upholstered furniture to eliminate the dirt.

Lastly, have your carpets professionally cleaned to remove bacteria, allergens, and dust mites to prevent the senior residents from getting colds and breathe easier.

Check Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Detectors, and Emergency Kits

Spring is also the best time to go through your medicine kits to dispose of old, unused, expired medications. Tis provides a chance to replenish empty bottles and make sure current prescriptions are in a dry and secure place.

Take time to inspect smoke detectors that might be a falling hazard for the elderly. Double check if these detectors are still properly mounted on the ceiling, but if unsure of what to do and what to look for, it is advised to always ask for professional assistance.

That way change of batteries can also be done to adhere to the US Fire Administrations’ guidelines of changing the batteries at least twice a year.

Safety Inspection

Apart from removing potential risks and hazards, seniors in an assisted living facility must always feel safe. Inspect the lighting in the entire facility; check if motion lights installed along hallways, walking paths, and outdoors are still working.

Change lighting bulbs that do not provide sufficient brightness. Then, update stairs outside and/or inside the house by installing handrails on each side. Update the shower or bathroom area by adding a shower chair and grab bars. These additions would prevent falls or trips.

Prevent Colds and Allergies

Prepare and train staff to determine the cause of coughing and sneezing. Suggest residents with allergies to close their windows to prevent pollens from getting inside.

Always have an oral antihistamine ready to combat reactions to allergies. Remind assisted living residents to wear shades when outside to protect their eyes, hydrate, and use SPF.

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Celebrating Women’s History Month in Senior Housing – Lincoln, NE

March is officially Women’s History Month where countries around the globe celebrate and recognize the triumphs and accomplishments of women in culture and society. For the women living in senior housing in Lincoln, NE, and all over, this month celebrates a lifetime of accomplishments.

From different industries, specializations, races, and backgrounds, these women are appreciated for their outstanding contributions to society.

This month-long celebration is also a great reminder for elderlies in senior housing facilities to reminisce the old times. It is also a fantastic opportunity to talk about strong women in their times, how they overcame obstacles, and how they have put women’s place in a male-dominated society.

Activities for Senior Residents

Trivia afternoon or night is also an excellent activity to commemorate Women’s History Month. These names listed below are the world’s most influential women and can be used to celebrate Feminism in your trivia game.

It will not only add fun and excitement to the senior housing residents but also an excellent way to exercise their brains and memory.

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou is an American poet, award-winning author, and civil rights activist. Born on April 04, 1928, in St. Louis, Missouri, Maya worked closely with Martin Luther King. Her award-winning memoir “I Know Why The Birds Sing” is the first non-fiction best-seller by an African American that talks about racism, rape, and literacy.

Rosa Parks

In 1955, Rosa refused to give up her bus seat to white man, sparking important conversation on race in America. Her prior arrest and action sparked a series of protests in America.  She is also the first woman in American history to lie in state at the U.S. Capitol.

Amelia Earhart

This American female aviator is the first to travel solo across the Pacific. She is also the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to mainland U.S. Amelia has set multiple flying records and has always been a true trailblazer.

Michelle Obama

The first African American First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama made great strides in US history. She has been an advocate for education, health, nutrition, and poverty awareness.

Margaret Thatcher

Also known as the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher is the longest-serving British Prime Minister. As the first woman Prime Minister, she is one of the most important figures in Britain’s modern history.

Diana Spencer or Diana, Princess of Wales

Princess Diana is known for her international charitable works even after her divorce from Charles, Prince of Wales. She focused on raising awareness about people affected with mental health, HIV/AIDS, cancer, banning of land mines, and sick children.

Senior housing staff may also facilitate granddaughter’s visits to encourage these young girls to grow strong and independent. This is also an opportunity for them to bond while swapping stories of their generations and experiences.

Lastly, spark conversation with residents reminding them that even as they age, they are capable of creating an impact in their communities. After all breaking barriers know no age.

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Assisted Living around the World: Understanding the Similarities and Differences

It is common knowledge around the world that the United States has one of the best healthcare services and medical standards anywhere. It is especially true for senior care. The country puts a strong emphasis on assisted living facilities that offer excellent care without taking away independence.


But what is assisted living like in other parts of the world?


Here is what we know:


  • Many countries in Europe and Asia follow longstanding traditions that involve delegating long-term care to the women in the household.


In fact, in some cultures, taking care of the elderly in the family were obligations related to childbirth or homemaking. It’s not uncommon to see families in shared living arrangements. This makes taking care of their elderly easier and saves money.


  • Many developed countries still have most elderly living in their own homes as opposed to being in assisted living.


Seniors who need specialized care due to a medical condition are sent to a hospital instead of senior care. Countries like France and Japan don’t even have facilities that are classified as nursing homes.


  • The United Kingdom has assisted living facilities, but admission isn’t based on the needs of a resident but on reimbursement.


Before getting into senior care, seniors go through evaluation by a local council according to rules and standards. Senior care facilities in the UK are regulated by different organizations in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.


  • Italy’s Universal Health Care system doesn’t cover long-term care for seniors.


Therefore most seniors stay at home rather than in assisted living. Family members will normally care for them.


If they don’t have any family members to take this responsibility, seniors will be placed in an acute hospital instead.


  • Denmark’s Universal Health Care system includes senior care.


While the country saw a huge boom in assisted living facilities in the 50s and 60s, there has been a decline in construction ever since. There is now a stricter standard for admitting residents into these facilities.


Before admition into assisted living seniors go through an evolution to determine eligibility. This is also evident in neighboring countries like the Netherlands.


Finally, Switzerland is promoting home-based care of seniors causing a huge drop in senior care facilities in the country.


This is also the same with Sweden where most seniors prefer to stay at home rather than being in assisted living.


However, there has been a shift in senior care in Sweden because more patients are now moving into senior care facilities instead of staying in acute hospitals if they are suffering from a chronic illnesses, terminal conditions, and dementia.


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A Look Back at the History of Memory Care Assisted Living

By 2050, demographic researchers are expecting the senior population in the United States to reach 90 million. This means the elderly population will be exceeding the younger demographic. As we look forward to a higher demand in memory care assisted living being the fastest growing long-term care option for Americans, let us also look back at how it all began and how the practice evolved over the years.


The shift in senior care

Before there were memory care assisted living facilities, there were nursing care homes. Once the only option for senior care, it did not take long before the negative connotation arose. Such opinions quickly called for a shift in the world of senior care.

From 1979 to 1985, new facilities focusing on patient-centered care sprouted across the country, thus the birth of assisted living.


The rise of assisted living


With growing interest in senior care, consumers saw four new types of assisted living from 1986 to 1993. Hybrid facilities were basically improved versions of traditional nursing care homes.


Hospitality communities offered a more resort-like setting for residents. Housing targeted residents aged 55 and up causing an importance for on-site health care. Many facilities than adapted and followed the continuum care model, offering specialized care for aging residents.


The growth of memory care assisted living

As this new senior care model grew in popularity, it attracted financial investors from Wall Street. This new attraction made memory care assisted living the ideal senior care model in the country from 1994 to 2000.


The result of this has been a booming amount of construction of new facilities and an evolution of practices within them.


The present and future


The new millennium saw a growing senior population with the baby boomers reaching their late adulthood years and more people suffering from chronic medical conditions. The last few years has seen assisted living evolving to meet the increasing demands for long-term care among seniors.


Today, there are more than 30,000 memory care assisted living facilities around the United States. Private and out-of-pocket paying residents who want to live a more independent lifestyle while having access to 24/7 services are fueling his market.


It is also not a secret that the assisted living industry still has its struggles and challenges as it continues to adapt to a growing and more demanding market.


Media outlets today are responsible for fueling negative misconceptions about the credibility of memory care facilities.


But memory care assisted living is the future of senior care. As the senior population continues to balloon and more chronic illnesses affect older adults, the need for high quality facilities that offer both independence and excellent health care for seniors will continue to grow.


For sure, the country’s assisted living facilities will also answer to this call.

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