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Plan for the New Year with Fallbrook Memory Care Facility

The year 2021 is almost over and another 365 days to create memories is soon to start. New Year signifies a fresh start, new opportunities, and new aspirations.

Even residents in Fallbrook Memory Care Facility are looking forward to 2022 where they can improve their ways for a better life moving forward. With new beginnings filled with hope and plans, we have New Year tips that will help you welcome 2022.

Why Plan Ahead?

Planning ahead is important as it allows you to prepare, improve, and have better management of things especially if health protocols are still in place due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Setting targets and goals for the New Year encourages growth and improvement. It also gives the opportunity to examine if you have been sticking to your targets. This and below are a few highlights of why it is important to plan ahead.

  1. Goals to Reach

When you plan ahead, this gives you objectives that you want to achieve. In addition, this helps you work on ways towards meeting your goals.

  1. Assessing Risks

Advance planning gives you the confidence to take risks leading you ahead of the ball game. Besides, it also helps identify, categorize, and prioritize risks. This way, you can create a response plan.

  1. Encourages Proactiveness

Planning ahead lets you take the right action when faced with challenges and adversities. It makes you ready to respond to challenges and accepts changes.

  1. Improved Performance

Being prepared improves performance. By having a clear idea of what to do next, life will be better with less stress.

Tips for Starting the New Year Off with a Bang from Fallbrook Memory Care Facility

We at Fallbrook Memory Care Facility encourage you to write your goals and objectives for the New Year. Although some of this may change along the way, it is important to give yourself a good starting point.

Personal Schedule

Remember all the commitments you have already made and fill your calendar. Having a planner will make it easier for you to be organized and be prepared. Doing this will help you remember things easily.

Also, write your projects for the year. Do you intend to update your room or establish a light exercise regimen? You can include things you want to accomplish this year.

Health and Medical Appointments

Keep your medical calendar up to date by filling it in beforehand. Sometimes you tend to forget your healthcare and doctor’s appointments, so writing down the dates in your calendar keeps you from missing your appointments.


Never miss a meal by writing it down. Stick to your mealtime to build a routine. People with dementia may refuse to eat or lose interest in food but eating a balanced diet on time will help prevent unnecessary weight loss or less muscle strength.

Fallbrook Memory Care Facility and our residents have witnessed many years come and go. And as 2021 ends, let us start the countdown and start planning our resolutions.

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Making Christmas Bright for Residents in Nursing Homes

The holidays can be merry and festive when spent at home with the ones you love. But residents in nursing homes are prone to holiday blues. Being away from home with cognitive or physical limitations gives the feeling of frustration, isolation, and loneliness.

But there are different ways to make Christmas merry for senior adults in nursing care facilities. Simple celebrations and spending time together can be special and memorable.

Even senior adults with no family can still feel the magic of love and giving this Christmas through various activities. So, bring in the joy and spend time together for that meaningful holiday celebration.

Ways to Help Nursing Home Residents Celebrate

Senior residents are more than welcome to participate in holiday activities. From Christmas to Hanukkah, there are activities for every adult to enjoy.

The Gift of Time or Money

Being in nursing homes means you are well-cared for by professionally trained staff and caregivers. But nothing beats the feeling of being remembered and valued by the people dear to you.

The best give you can give to let them feel the Christmas spirit is a few minutes of your time. Share lunch with traditional family food to bring them joy and pleasure. Invite family members to join to show they are appreciated and valued.

Or you can organize or participate in donation campaigns to help others in need while experiencing an increased level of pleasure. Donating gifts or money will inspire younger family members to give back and bring more meaning to life.

Send Gifts to Loved Ones

Not being able to visit your loved one can be one of the most difficult things to do during Christmas. But if you are unable to make it due to a hectic schedule, you can send gifts that they can use every day for comfort or fun.

Consider the interest, pastime, or preferences of your loved ones in nursing homes. Below are useful gift ideas that will spread the feelings of joy and love this season:

  • warm blanket
  • socks
  • sweater
  • digital books
  • monthly subscriptions (magazine or movie streaming)
  • game boards, word games, dominoes
  • arts and crafts supply; colored pens, knitting kit, print books, coloring books, etc
  • CDs of favorite songs
  • Homebaked goodies like cakes, cookies, or traditional family food to bring back the good old days

Virtual Gathering

A virtual gathering is the best option if most of the family members are out of town, living in different time zones, or if health restrictions are still active. By connecting virtually families and residents in nursing homes can still interact and share family stories at the comfort of their homes.

Outdoor Activities

Take your loved one outside for a breath of fresh air. If possible, you can stroll around malls or landmarks to admire the Christmas decorations. Or, enjoy a family meal at your favorite restaurant.

These activities do not require too much energy or can be modified according to your loved one’s mood and current condition. Regardless of how you celebrate the holidays, these tokens will be treasured.


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Fallbrook Assisted Living is proud to offer its services to Fremont, NE, and surrounding areas and cities: Arlington, Cedar Bluffs, Ames Nickerson, Fontanelle, Arlington, Leshara, Colon, and Hooper