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5 Useful Tips for Transitioning into Senior Housing

The move to senior housing can be tough on you and your loved one, but it can sometimes serve as the best option for both parties. So, whether you’re just beginning to consider your options or you’re getting ready for the move, here are five useful tips to help your loved one transition smoothly into this new living community:

Find the right community


There are a lot of senior housing facilities out there, but not all of them will fit your loved one’s needs. So, never rush into finding a community. Instead take the time to do your research and consider factors like level of care, amenities, staff, activities, location and cost.


The process of finding the right community may be the longest part of transitioning into senior housing, but it will surely prove to be worth your time and effort if you see your loved one happy.


Facilitate the moving process


Planning the move itself can be challenging for you and especially your loved one. In fact, this is such an emotional process because it means stepping out of a house that your loved one may have lived in for decades, so you should plan and facilitate everything to make him as comfortable as possible during the move.


Give the community time to get to know your loved one and understand his condition. Provide all the necessary support but be careful not to overstep boundaries with professionals because it could affect the level of care, they will provide to your loved one.

Make the effort to spend time with your loved one


When you are asked to move into a completely new living environment, it will definitely take time for you to get used to it and adjust to being in a different circumstance.


The first few weeks from the move will be a crucial time of adjustment for your loved one, so be there for him as much as you can. Let him feel that you are involved in his care and that he can count on you even if he lives in senior housing.

Keep home as close as possible


One of the benefits of choosing senior housing facilities is that you have the option to personalize your loved one’s apartment to give him that sense of familiarity with his new living space. Choose furniture that he can easily use comfortably, bring items that will remind him of your home and always make sure that all his needs are provided for.


Join your loved one in his journey


The transition to senior living takes time, patience, understanding and a lot of hard work. But your loved one and your entire family can get through this journey as long as you do it together.


You may have days filled with joy and some filled with tears. But what you must remember is that your loved one should be given the best quality of life possible even if he is suffering from a debilitating medical condition.


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