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American Heart Month in Facilities for Alzheimer’s | Taking Care of Heart Health

American Heart Month in Facilities for Alzheimer’s holds deep significance as it addresses the mutual relationship between cardiovascular health and dementia care. That is because individuals with Alzheimer’s face increased vulnerability to heart-related issues.


This emphasizes the importance of integrated health strategies, highlighting heart-healthy practices within facilities for Alzheimer’s. By fostering a holistic approach, caregivers can enhance the overall well-being of residents, acknowledging the connection between heart health and cognitive function in pursuing comprehensive care.


American Heart Month in Facilities for Alzheimer’s


American Heart Month is a celebration dedicated to motivating Americans to adopt healthy lifestyles to prevent heart disease. This focuses on the importance of heart health since heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S.


Severe illnesses can be avoided as well if you prioritize your heart. The practice of self-care is a good way to keep the heart healthy. This can be achieved by being physically active, getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, and finding healthy ways to reduce stress.


Understanding the Link between Heart Health and Alzheimer’s


It is very important to understand the connection between heart health and brain health. That is because the brain is nourished by one of the richest networks of blood vessels in the human body. So, a lot of factors that damage the blood vessels or the heart may also damage the brain.


Some of the factors that put brain health at risk include diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and smoking. The good thing is that you can control cardiovascular risk factors to protect brain health. One of the effective ways to improve cognitive function and protect the brain against dementia is through physical activity.


Specialized Heart-Healthy Activities for Facilities for Alzheimer’s Residents


There are many ways to enjoy a good quality of life for people living in facilities for Alzheimer’s. Specialized heart-healthy activities can help Alzheimer’s residents so they can have fun, relax, and have a wonderful time.


However, it is also important to know the person with dementia to understand how to develop activities suitable for them. This includes his or her former lifestyle, hobbies, recreational and social interests, past travel experience, and work history, among others.


You should not overstimulate the person with dementia by being selective with outings, avoiding crowds, or keeping away from constant movement and noise that can be overwhelming for people living in facilities for Alzheimer’s.


For instance, a person with dementia loves outings. They can also enjoy simple and unhurried activities which give them the time and space necessary to do as much as possible. When giving activities, you can communicate one instruction at a time by breaking down activities into simple and manageable steps.


Sensory experiences suitable for a person with dementia


  • Brushing their hair
  • Smelling fresh flowers
  • Hand, neck, or foot massage
  • Visiting a flower show or an herb farm


Regular exercise can also benefit people living in facilities for Alzheimer’s. Such would include better sleep, improved mood, maintenance of motor skills, and improved memory. However, before getting started in an exercise program, it is essential to talk with the person’s doctor or physiotherapist to discuss the best option for the person with dementia.


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