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Celebrating Women’s History Month in Assisted Living

Women’s History Month is celebrated in assisted living facilities, drawing inspiration from the women who have paved the way in history. Throughout March, assisted living communities become lively hubs of celebration and remembrance. This is when residents, staff, and visitors come together in assisted living to honor the contributions of women throughout history.

Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, an annual observance in many countries worldwide. It highlights the impact and achievements of women throughout history and contemporary society. The celebration traces back to the United States, which started as Women’s History Week in 1982, coinciding with International Women’s Day on March 8th. In 1987, the U.S. Congress expanded the observance into a full month.


Celebrating Women’s History in Assisted Living

Women are also celebrated in senior assisted living facilities. This can be done by decorating the facilities with adornments and enjoying the company of women over special tea, sandwiches, and cookies. It is also a perfect time to provide interesting activities, allowing residents to remember the great women in their lives and accomplishments.


If you manage the facility, you should be able to conduct activities allowing residents to help other women. You might as well be able to allow female residents to share a few personal stories about themselves in their journals to be able to share them with their loved ones.


The celebration of Women’s History Month in assisted living is when the world celebrates the impact of women worldwide. This a great way to show older loved ones how much you appreciate their impact on the community and their families.


Be Grateful For All Their Help.

Thanking the women in your life is the best way to show appreciation. You can write your thoughts on a greeting card they can display inside their homes. Moreover, buying them a bouquet is another way of showing their uniqueness. This will be so valuable to them that you will be surprised at how this can impact their mood.


Listen to the Stories of Women in Assisted Living.

It is a good way to discuss stories with seniors because they love them. You can ask elders about the women who may no longer be with them. This can provide them the satisfaction of reminiscing on good times, as you can exercise their memory.


Donate to Women’s Shelter.

You can donate to a chosen organization designed to support women in need. Alternatively, you can give back to women in need by donating your time to a local women’s shelter for an afternoon with your elderly loved one. This will also enable you to build a stronger connection with this family member.

Celebrating Women’s History Month can be done in many ways. You can celebrate and honor women with your loved ones in assisted living facilities.


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