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5 Questions to Help You with Senior Housing and Long Term Care Decisions

There comes a time in your life when you will be faced with a decision to choose a senior housing facility where you will spend most of your later years. And whether you’re about to move into long-term care or it is still a few years away, it’s very important to understand the concept of senior housing and know what your options are.



To help you do just that, here are five questions that you need to ask first:



What is long-term care?


Long-term care is a set of services offered by a healthcare facility to meet the health and personal care needs of an individual during his senior years. This program is designed to help the elderly live as independently as possible while providing all the support and assistance they need to perform daily activities in a safe and secure environment.



What are the things that I should consider when choosing a senior home?



When deciding on the right senior housing, it’s very important to consider some factors:


  • Location: The senior home should not be too far away from your loved ones to make visits a lot easier and more frequent. This is especially important if you still have a spouse living at home and could not tolerate long flights and lengthy drives.


  • Services: Not all long-term care facilities are the same, so it’s very important to ask for the services that they offer, especially if you need a higher level of care due to serious medical conditions or disabilities.


  • Staff: Aside from services, you should also choose a senior housing that has a good, stable staff. When there are enough caregivers in a facility, each resident will be given the amount of time and care that they need, so you can guarantee that you have the right support whenever you need it.



How long does long-term care last?


The length of long-term care will depend entirely on your needs. Some people only require care for a few months due to a medical condition or surgery while others will stay in senior housing for a longer time to make sure that they are well taken care of and are living the best life possible.



What are my options to pay for long-term care?


Long-term care can be expensive, but there are options available to help pay for it. This includes private health insurance plans, reverse mortgages, life insurance policies, Medicare or Medicaid and personal funds. To help ensure that you have the means to pay for long-term care when it comes, make sure that you have personal savings, a sufficient retirement fund and income from investments.



Can someone help me decide on the right long-term care?


Moving into a senior home is a huge decision, so your family should be able to help you decide whether a facility is good for you or not. You can also ask advice from geriatric care managers and caregivers on the right long-term care options to choose from depending on your needs.




Are you ready to take that first step towards securing your later years?




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