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Holiday Gift Guide For Memory Care Assisted Living

The most wonderful time of the year is here! It is a season of loving and gift-giving that everyone has been looking forward to. While it can be fun to do Christmas gift shopping, sometimes it can also be difficult, especially if you intend to give to someone who is in memory care assisted living. But no matter what, there is always something for your loved one, something they will surely treasure.

The Holidays With Memory Care Assisted Living Residents

The holidays are a special time for families and friends to be together. It’s a time to bond, relax, and share the joy of experiences of the entire year.

Families with loved ones in memory care facilities can still celebrate the holidays with their loved ones. By making some adjustments it will still be a memorable holiday for the entire family.

If possible, do a family celebration by batch, in small groups as a large group may be overwhelming. The crowd and the noise can cause distress to your loved one. Try to keep the celebration toned down and relaxed.

Do holiday activities together. You may want to gather at the best time of the day, after his or her daily routines, then do simple DIY decorations. Or you can assist your loved one in opening Christmas presents, reading Christmas cards, or writing Christmas cards to friends and other family members.

For quieter celebrations, you can watch their favorite Christmas movies, read stories, and listen to, or sing Christmas songs. Just set the volume to a relaxing level, again to not distress your loved one.

When attending family gatherings or events in a memory care assisted living facility, make sure there is a quiet place to rest or take a break. If not, then leave early instead.

Plan on when to visit, who will visit in small batches, as well as the activities that everyone can participate in. Set proper expectations so everyone can help how to minimize stress. Remember that no matter how simple the celebration is, you are doing it for your loved one to make them feel remembered and loved.

Go-To Gifts for Residents in Memory Care Assisted Living

Here are some of the best gifts that you can gift your loved ones in memory care assisted living this Holiday season. Browse through and have fun!

Gifts To Give That Sense of Comfort

  • Massage ball
  • Fidget toy
  • Pop it toys
  • Quilts
  • Lap pad with activity panels
  • And other soft items

Innovative Technology Gifts

  • Mobile phone or tablet with an auto answer for video calling
  • Mobile devices with an auto answer and voice assistant so your loved one won’t have to touch or anything to do on the screen when trying to do something.

Puzzles and Word Games

Games under this category never get old. They may seem simple but do wonders in keeping your loved ones entertained and satisfied. Board games and word games like word search and puzzles keep them focused while at the same time enhancing their communication and well-being.


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