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Prepping For The New Year In Assisted Living

The holidays are upon us and preparing can be a bit stressful. When you think that you are through with Christmas gatherings, shopping, and gift-giving, you are suddenly reminded to make New Year’s plans. Yes, Christmas and New Year are only a week or so apart. But despite the rush, do not forget your loved ones in assisted living communities. There are plenty of activities and ideas to ring in the New Year with your loved ones.

Tips and Tricks for New Year Preparations in Assisted Living

Senior adults are not very keen on parties but would love quieter celebrations instead. Instead of loud gatherings, try these activities and tips for New Year’s Eve that everyone can participate in.

Take a break

There is nothing better than to give yourself and your loved ones the time to just relax. After all the activities from Christmas, now is the time to mellow down and spend time with them. Encourage them to share their stories and fun experiences.

Surely, they have so much to share, something that you have not heard of. These can also be sources of wisdom and life lessons that can be passed on to younger generations.

Arts and Crafts

Dedicate an entire day of arts and crafts that young and older adults will love. Set up a cozy corner in their assisted living quarters or apartment where you can paint, draw, or make simple crafts. But if your loved one is not interested in artwork, you can source coloring books and supplies that everyone can try.

Do the best in arts, best in drawing, or best in coloring awards too to add extra fun and thrill.

Cooking and Baking

Ask your loved one to share treasured family recipes by doing it together in the kitchen. This is a wonderful way to spend time while encouraging him/her to tell the story behind the recipe.

Or you may also encourage your loved one to bake some of the goodies that they always enjoy making. But if they cannot do the cooking or baking themselves, you can offer to do it while they teach you, a special time that you will treasure forever.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to plan it ahead of time to ensure that other family members can check their schedule and be with you on your visit to assisted living. Doing so will allow you and others to prepare what they need to bring like food, gifts, and supplies for the planned activities.

Another thing is to do your New Year countdown earlier than usual. Remember that most senior adults are unable to say late until midnight.  Doing an early countdown is also recommended to not disrupt their routine.

Assisted Living Resolution Ideas For 2022

Resolutions are set for the upcoming year and the elderly are not exempted. Apart from keeping the good ones, the New Year is an opportunity for our senior loved ones to live a healthier lifestyle.

While in assisted living these resolution ideas will keep your memory, concentration, and immune system in healthy condition.

  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat a healthy and balanced meal every day
  • Hydrate and drink enough water every day
  • Stay socially engaged with family and friends
  • Read, write, play word games, and explore other fun activities to keep your mind sharp
  • Stay active by doing regular light exercises for weight management, better sleep, improved mood, strong bones and muscles, and decreased risks of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure

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