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Ways to Keep Your Loved One Happy in Alzheimer’s Care Facilities

A loved one with Alzheimer’s disease should be mentally and physically stimulated. In fact, even if his or her mental or physical abilities have declined due to dementia, it doesn’t mean that enrichment stops.

One of the things you can do is to get involved to keep your loved one happy as they start to live in a nursing home. Thus, you need to help seniors as they move into Alzheimer’s care facilities.


Ideas to Keep Your Senior Happy In a Nursing Home


Make The Transition Easy

Needless to say, moving into a nursing home for seniors can be stressful even for the family. So you need to help them by ensuring that the move will be smooth. Some of them might feel that they are still capable to care for themselves, causing them to think there is no need to leave home.

    • Explain to them that going to move into a nursing home will be helpful for them
    • Bring furniture, pictures, and objects to make their room feel like they are at just at home
    • It would greatly help if the spouse can move in with them


Tending To Relationships

Seniors will have the opportunity to build new relationships in nursing homes, as it strengthens old ones. This can improve their health as it promotes happiness. This is because strong relationships can make people happy to prevent physical and mental decline as time passes by.

    • Encourage them to interact with others in Alzheimer’s care facilities
    • Visit as often as possible
    • It would help if friends or neighbors can visit them
    • Any questions or concerns must be addressed to the staff


Participate in Activities

Seniors can build relationships with others easily through activities. In fact, regular activities can help them stay in shape, both physically and mentally. Most Alzheimer’s care facilities host activities for the whole day. So, even those suffering from disabilities or illnesses can participate in some activities that are fit for them.

    • Listening to music
    • Petting a cat or dog
    • Reading
    • Walking
    • Playing bingo


Maintaining Health Care

If a senior will live in a nursing home, there is a possibility that he or she has an illness or disability that will need long-term care. Thus, you can keep them happy and healthy.

    • Regularly visit your loved one and monitor the health status
    • Voice out your concerns to the staff
    • Take necessary action if things will not improve

It is important to note that happiness and quality of life are synonymous. So seniors can greatly benefit from the help of the staff of the nursing home, other residents, and more specifically the family members.

The next time you want to visit a loved one in Alzheimer’s care facilities, be guided that they too need regular checking so that they will remain safe and content. Take note that the best nursing homes will pay attention to the concerns of their residents so that everybody is satisfied.


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