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Preparing for Thanksgiving in Assisted Living

Thanksgiving is an important event but can be a challenge for those living in assisted living facilities. The same goes for families who try to balance the celebration while at the same time dealing with the essential needs of their loved ones.

With time and careful consideration and preparation, residents, staff, families, and assisted living communities can have creative and meaningful ways to participate in this yearly festivity to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the previous year.

Holidays in Assisted Living: What to Expect

Despite being in assisted living, residents can still have a joyful celebration. Any event is an opportunity to celebrate and socialize, minimizing the feeling of loss and isolation.

If your loved one is in an assisted facility, here is what you can expect for the upcoming Thanksgiving.

Many assisted apartments decorate, plan activities, and prepare meals intended for this special day. Feast your eyes on colorful decorations, and arts and crafts made by residents. Social halls, dining areas, and walkways will be filled with holiday decorations and themed arts.

Community celebrations are common to get everyone into the holiday spirit. Live entertainment, music, or performances not only help Thanksgiving more celebratory but also provide mental stimulation, evoke happy memories, and encourage social interaction.

During holidays, most assisted communities invite family and friends. This open house set-up allows residents to spend time with their loved ones and share traditions. As a tradition focused on family togetherness, spending it with loved ones uphold this cultural tradition, strengthens family bond, create memories, and provide comfort and support, especially for family members adjusting to life in assisted living.

Being in assisted facilities does not mean altering Thanksgiving practices. With planning, compassion, and giving time for your loved one, the celebration can be meaningful and unforgettable.

Preparing for Thanksgiving in Assisted Living

With 3 more Thursdays left before Thanksgiving, it is right to start planning so residents can participate in the spirit of this celebration.

Card crafting

This may be old, but card crafting is a golden way to show you care for the person. You can draw, cut pictures, and just be creative in expressing what you feel for the person you love. Encourage family members to participate because just being around can do wonders.

Family Recipe Competition

What a fun way to showcase the family’s best recipes by doing a cooking competition. Choose a category like dessert or appetizer. Vote who has the best entry and share the food for everyone to enjoy.

Assisted Living Virtual Celebration

If you have family members who cannot make it to the celebration, wireless technology will make everyone come together. You can host a virtual party with games and other activities everyone can join in on.

Play Games

Enjoy classic board games, which is perfect for everyone to get engaged. This can be a casual game or a competition to show off everyone’s skills. Make it more fun by giving prizes.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Share family stories to spark conversation and pique the interest of younger generations. This is also the perfect time for adults to bring back cherished memories while allowing the younger family members to share what they love most about Thanksgiving.


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