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Summer Activity Ideas for Residents in Nursing Homes

The fine weather and bright sunshine are just some of the reasons many nursing home residents look forward to summer. In fact, there are so many activities that residents in nursing homes can enjoy during this time of year.

The Best Summertime Activities for Nursing Homes


Prepare a picnic.

  • Take advantage of outdoor space with family or fellow residents. Summer is the best time to let the seniors enjoy the outdoors where they can get loads of vitamins from the sun, enjoy a change of scenery, and have fun.


You can go for an afternoon picnic when the sun is not as hot. Prepare a spread for everyone to enjoy and of course, some games and activities that will make this event more meaningful to residents.


Go for a walk.

  • Summer is the perfect time for seniors to get some steps in. Instead of just staying inside their rooms or in communal spaces, residents can enjoy early morning or afternoon walks around the nursing home to give them a boost of energy and improve their bone health.


Go for a swim.


  • If the nursing home has a pool, organizing swimming exercises for residents would be a great time for them to enjoy being in the water while also giving them good exercise without being harsh on their muscles and joints.

Summer Safety Tips for Seniors in Nursing Homes


Limit sun exposure.

  • Although it feels great to be outdoors, staying out for too long could also be dangerous for seniors in nursing homes. When planning activities, make sure to time them when the sun isn’t too hot yet and give residents breaks in between.


Keep residents in nursing homes hydrated.


  • Hydration is key to keeping residents safe and healthy during the summer. Make sure that they drink at least eight glasses of water daily, especially when they’re spending time under the sun. Give them water breaks in between to make sure they’re keeping themselves hydrated even if they don’t feel thirsty yet.


Give time for rest.


  • The heat of the sun and the humidity can easily make residents in nursing homes feel tired. So, give them adequate time to rest and recharge by scheduling and planning activities properly. It’s also very important to make sure that they take their medications and check if they have prescriptions that make them extra sensitive to the sun.

Finally, don’t hesitate to use air conditioning in the nursing home, especially during the peak of summer when the air can get hot. As a facility, it’s essential to put the safety and comfort of residents on top of the priorities, and having air conditioning can really help them stay comfortable during the hot season.

Also, be vigilant for the signs of a heat stroke or any other heat-related illness to avoid or treat them before they get worse.


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