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What to Ask While Touring Assisted Living Facilities

There comes a time in life when assisted living facilities become your best option for a healthy, happy life. Growing old is inevitable. At some point, you’ll need a place with assistance for activities that may be difficult to complete on your own.

Why assisted living is the best option

Assisted living facilities are for individuals who need help with daily activities but are still able to do most things at home. Being in assisted living, you’ll have your own apartment or room with shared common areas.

You also have the option for the types of services that you need depending on your condition. You can book housekeeping, laundry, personal care, and even help with your medications. It all depends on the type of arrangement that you want and what an assisted living facility offers in your area.

What to ask when touring assisted living facilities

As you check on your options, it’s very important to ask the right questions to help you pick the right assisted living facility for your needs:

How is your team trained?


The staff will play an important role in your care in assisted living, so it’s very important to ask the type of training they go through to make sure they have the skills to help you while you’re in the facility.


How do you welcome a new resident?


Although assisted living isn’t far from a typical home, entering it for the first time can be quite intimidating. A good quality assisted living facility will give you all the support you’ll need to adjust to this new environment and feel comfortable as you transition into your new home.


Do you have staff available 24/7?


You’ll never know when you’ll need assistance during your stay, so it’s very important to find a facility that has staff working day and night to ensure that all your needs are met every time.


How many residents do you have?


A good quality assisted living facility should only have enough residents with a good staff-to-patient ratio to be able to cater to all their needs well. You don’t want to be living in a facility that doesn’t have any available staff whenever you need them.

Moving to one of the assisted living facilities in your area is a huge step and will mean big changes in your routine and life in general.

That is why it’s very important to ask the right questions and make decisions based on your specific needs. The goal here is to ensure that you get to live the best quality of life by having professionals to assist your needs without taking away your freedom to do the things you want.


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