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Celebrating the Month of Love in Assisted Living Facilities

Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated holidays in the year even in assisted living facilities. The month of love isn’t just for couples, after all, and there are many ways to make it fun and memorable for the elderly members of the community.

A lot of assisted living facilities around the country have established a tradition of celebrating the month of love. For one, it’s something that seniors can be excited about because it will give them the opportunity to bond with other members of the community.

The management can also organize activities that allow residents to be active while improving their mood.

Here are some fun ideas for celebrating the month of love in these assisted living facilities:

Invite family and friends over.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to have family and friends over for a picnic lunch or even just an afternoon of tea and cookies. Seniors always long to see the most important people in their lives and there’s no better time than the month of love for them to feel that extra warmth.

You can even tell their loved ones to bring a card or gift for their beloved to really make the event more festive and memorable.

Decorate the facility.

Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to go all out on decorations to get into the love month mood. You don’t need to spend a lot on décor because there are a lot of DIY ideas that you and your team can follow.

For instance, you can cut up some hearts out of colored paper and hang them around the facility. You can create heart garlands to decorate in different rooms with pops of color.

Bring out the flowers.

Of course, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without beautiful flowers. Pick up some fresh blooms at the farmer’s market and put them in festive vases.

You can also donate a rose for every resident if you have the budget.

Organize movie night.

Nothing is more romantic than being able to enjoy a good movie over popcorn and some drinks. So, why not organize a movie night for your residents? Pick out a few classic movies and serve some popcorn and drinks to complete the event.

You can also go for a concert night. You can have a band come over or Livestream some classic songs while residents enjoy some desserts.

There’s no better day than Valentine’s Day to show residents in assisted living facilities, like Fallbrook, that they are loved and valued.

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