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How to Prepare for a Loved One Moving into a Facility for Alzheimer’s

People don’t talk about it as often but having an elderly family member move into facilities for Alzheimer’s is also a very emotional time for a loved one.

Although family members know that this will be inevitable at some point, they may still find it hard to cope and need extra support during this transition.

But how exactly do you prepare for a loved one moving into facilities for Alzheimer’s?

Give them the assurance they need.

The thought of having someone they love to move into a facility for Alzheimer’s can be overwhelming. One of the best ways to make them feel more comfortable with this idea is to offer the assurance that their loved one will be getting the best care possible.

It is where you can discuss what the facility has to offer for its residents, how moving into the facility is the best option for their family members and why they should trust you to take care of their loved ones.

While a lot of family members struggle with this stage, having them understand what you can do for their loved ones will make it easier for them to come to grips with their decision.

Allow them to express their emotions.

Being primary caregivers, they know that Alzheimer’s patients are deteriorating and that they’ll need assistance with even the simplest tasks.

Still, it can be hard for them to let go of their role as primary caregivers.

The best way to help them deal with emotions is to give them the chance to express themselves.

Ask them how they’re feeling. Ask what thoughts are running through their minds, that you could address to make them feel better about the transition.

Let them plan their life after the move.

Taking care of someone for months or years and having them be moved into a facility can take some getting used to. These people already developed a routine as primary caregivers. So, it can be hard for them to adjust to this new freedom.

Having a loved one move into an Alzheimer’s facility is an emotional and psychological process for both parties. So, do what you can to assist loved ones during this difficult transition period. Let them know that you are there to assist them and give them the assurance they need.


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