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The Realities of Dementia and How Memory Assisted Living Can Help

Forgetting has long been part of the aging process. When a loved one is exhibiting memory loss, it’s usually chalked up to getting old. As such, this has made spotting dementia early on quite a challenge for families. To this day, there remains no single test that can outright give a dementia diagnosis. A doctor needs to perform a series of tests to diagnose a patient with dementia.


Learning that a loved one has dementia isn’t the hardest part. Dealing with what’s to come can be quite the challenge as it forces families to make certain changes in their lives. This will require some adjustment but help is always there, one in the form of memory assisted living.



Determining Dementia

Wading through a lot of memory related medical terms can be confusing. However, being more familiar with the terms and what they truly mean can help in the long run. So in order to really understand dementia, you have to start with knowing the basics.


You can think of dementia as an umbrella term used to describe different conditions that involve the loss of memory or other abilities that affect daily living. You are already most likely familiar with the most common kind, Alzheimer’s disease.


Now that you know what dementia is, the next crucial thing to learn is spotting the disease. This is going to be a difficult task since one could easily brush off a memory loss episode as a sign of getting old. Or as some think of it, becoming “senile.”


The dictionary definition of senile describes it as an adjective used to indicate a person showing weaknesses or diseases of old age, which may include mental faculties. Many people tend to confuse senility with dementia, but there’s a way to avoid confusion. Senility has to do with getting old. Dementia occurs when brain damage has occurred.


Someone with dementia will have difficulty with a lot of things. They will find it challenging to communicate. They will frequently confused and disoriented. They will find it difficult to complete complex tasks. They will also find it daunting to plan and organize.


Those detailed above are just on a cognitive level. Changes are going to occur on the psychological level as well, and this includes personality changes, depression, inappropriate behavior, and hallucinations.


Having outlined the above, it’s easy to see how helping someone suffering from dementia can be a challenge. This is where assisted living facilities with memory care services can be of great service.



Memory-Focused Assisted Living

A memory assisted living facility is specifically focused on helping residents who have dementia and other memory related issues. This is different from a regular assisted living center which usually helps elders manage daily life better. Although that is still the goal of a facility with memory care services, it is primarily focused on helping residents suffering from memory conditions.


Living with and caring for a loved one with dementia is going to be a challenge. They have to be encouraged to do a lot of activities on top of taking medication. This can be difficult but centers like Fallbrook Assisted Living can help ease the burden.



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