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Misconceptions about Alzheimer’s Disease and Their Dangers

People grow old – that’s a fact. We tend to forget things as we grow old – not necessarily. Even someone as young as twenty can start forgetting about things. It’s this line of thinking – that forgetting comes with age – can be quite damaging when trying to determine diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Before looking into Alzheimer’s care facilities, it’s important to consider the misconceptions of Alzheimer’s and dementia to better inform any future decisions.



Alzheimer’s Misconceptions 

Many people have long held this belief that forgetfulness comes with aging. Since Alzheimer’s affects the senior population and has to do with memory loss, many seem to think one will eventually to the other. However, that line of thinking really should change.


Yes, being old is the biggest risk of developing dementia, with Alzheimer’s being one of the kinds that can develop. However, Alzheimer’s doesn’t just affect someone who is old. The disease has affected patients as young as forty.


People need to be more aware that Alzheimer’s is caused by damage to the brain, which can affect a lot of things, including a person’s memory. It’s also a disease that gets worse as time goes by. The early stages can be manageable, with a patient suffering from lapses in memory. However, the condition gets progressively worse over time. In such times, families can look to help Alzheimer’s care facilities with memory care services for assistance.


Another of the biggest misconceptions about Alzheimer’s is that it cannot be treated. This isn’t completely accurate, especially considering the advances made in this age. Yes, the disease continues to have no cure, but those who suffer from it can take medications to help deal with its associated symptoms.



The Dangers of Not Correcting Misconceptions

Accepting what you hear from others as fact without verifying with people with actual knowledge of the situation does a lot of harm. It doesn’t take long for you to type out a few words on a search engine to get the answers you want.


The whole point of mentioning that is this: many people will cling to a “fact” long after new evidence has proved that it isn’t the case anymore. A lot of things have changed in this world over the years. For a certain generation, Pluto used to be a planet but that isn’t the case anymore.


You owe it to your loved ones to know what Alzheimer’s disease truly is. When they start exhibiting symptoms like memory loss, don’t dismiss that immediately as having to do with them getting old. More frequent episodes of forgetting can point to something much worse than losing one’s memory as one gets older. When that happens, there are Alzheimer’s care facilities that can help you out.


The same goes for treating Alzheimer’s. You are not left alone to deal with a loved one who is exhibiting symptoms. You can always turn to medication that can lessen the impact of symptoms. However, Alzheimer’s disease still remains without a cure.


Educating yourself about Alzheimer’s disease can make a difference. It’s easy to believe what others say but searching the truth for yourself can be of great benefit to you and your loved ones.




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