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Honoring Our Home: Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Your Assisted Living Facility

Every 22nd day of April, the world honors the only place we all call home. In assisted living this day can be filled with great eco-friendly decisions.

Earth Day has always been symbolic because it thrusted different environmental issues into the limelight so authorities could finally take notice and address them.

Since 1970, many changes have been enforced to make sure that the earth is protected, and Earth Day is a reminder of our crucial role in making sure that our future generations still have a planet to call home.

Even if you are in assisted living, you can still contribute to honoring Earth Day through these simple practices:

Unplug your appliances

  • This practice is not only important for safety in assisted living facilities, but it also helps in making sure that you are not wasting energy. Unplugging appliances that are not in use can already help save the environment by reducing waste and preserving energy.


Create an indoor garden in your assisted living home

  • Being in assisted living does not mean that you can’t enjoy your own garden. If you do not have a backyard to work with, create an indoor garden using pots where you can plant flowers and vegetables. Gardening does not only help the earth; it also allows you to stay active and even promote mental wellness.


Turn the tap off

  • The simple act of turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth or scrubbing your hands with soap can already do a lot in conserving water, which is fast becoming a scarce resource in our planet. In fact, you can save up to eight gallons of water every day just by turning off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth.


Go eco-friendly in Assisted Living

  • A lot of assisted living facilities are now embracing the beauty of eco-friendly products because they are safe, efficient and good for the environment. You can follow the same practice by switching to eco-friendly products that you can use for your daily needs.



Turn off the lights

  • Turning off lights while you are not in the room or utilizing natural day light can cut energy usage significantly. This means reducing the waste being emitted to the environment.


Ditch plastic

  • One of the best ways to honor the earth is to eliminate the use of plastic products. Something as simple as switching to reusable water bottles or eco-friendly bags makes a huge difference in reducing single-use plastics.


Celebrating with simple practices can be loads of fun. Contributing to the healing of our planet and protection from further damage will take a little from us all. It does not matter if you’re in assisted living or back at home.

You can do something to contribute to the change that the planet so desperately needs from all of us. These simple changes in your lifestyle and way of living can already do a lot in saving our only home.


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