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How Residents in Nursing Homes Can Prepare for Spring!

If you have been looking forward to the warmer weather, surely you have been waiting for spring to arrive. Although the winter months have been part of your life ever since the cold dark months can take a hit on your mental and emotional health.

But do not worry, you will see the sun more often while making most of the new season by doing fun activities even in nursing homes and spending more time outdoors.

Springtime in Nursing Homes

Springtime is the season of fresh flowers, new opportunities, and new beginnings, thus worth celebrating. Residents in nursing homes are excited about all the fun it brings that they can share with their friends and family.

The excitement of welcoming spring is the natural effect of the warmer days. According to a study done by the University of Michigan, people who spend at least 30 minutes outdoor in warmer weather have a better mindset, reduced stress levels, and are happier.

People feel a lot better when there is more sunlight and days are longer. Spring weather encourages people to engage in physical activities which lead to endorphins boost – the “feel-good” hormones.

In addition, exposure to sunlight is said to boost the release of serotonin which is responsible for boosting a person’s mood, feeling more focused and calmer.

With enough sun exposure, senior adults are less likely to feel major depression linked to seasonal patterns. Furthermore, exposure to sunlight at least 5-15 minutes at least three times a week is enough to get that needed vitamin D boost.

Sunshine can make people happy.

Ways to Welcome Spring in Nursing Homes

Transition your apartments or rooms that match the rejuvenating energy the spring season brings with these tips:

Bringing in Spring Scents


It is time to swap out those holiday candles with spring-scented candles like floral, citrus, berries, sunshine bloom, orange, green tea, banana, and vanilla to liven up your space. If scented candles are not available, you can simply switch to pastel-colored candles.

Getting Flowers & Succulents


Bring in the blooms indoors. Adding fresh flowers like seasonal blooms throughout the season in different areas in your home is the cheapest and quickest way to give your space a beautiful upgrade. You can stick to in-season flowers or mix with succulents. Whatever suits your taste; you cannot go wrong with fresh flowers and succulents.

Switching Out Home Linens with Spring Colors


Put away the thick and heavy curtains, blankets, and faux fur. Instead, residents in nursing homes can use light and cotton fabrics for that light and airy bedroom. Also, pick the colors of spring, like yellow, warm greens, orangey reds, beige, and peaches to add a pop of color at the same time making your room feel bigger.

Closet Cleanout


It’s time to give up those thermals, fleece, sweatshirt, and long-sleeve tops. Give your closet an update by adding a lightweight jacket for chilly mornings or nights. Go for dresses, shorts, and other pieces made of cotton or linen to allow airflow during hot days.


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