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New Year, New Books with Fallbrook Assisted Living

Although self-love can be done any time of the year throughout the year, the New Year is the perfect time to make changes and promises and let go of the past. Fallbrook Assisted Living encourages all to keep up with your much-loved hobby – reading.

The right book you are reading not only provides convenient entertainment but is full of proven benefits. It can help improve focus and set your priorities. The New Year is another reason to add new titles to your collection.

Setting Your 2023 Reading Goal in Fallbrook Assisted Living

Regardless of age, reading shows many backed by science benefits. Senior residents in Fallbrook Assisted living can benefit from these advantages. That said, it is important to set your reading goal this New Year.

Setting your New Year’s reading goal will help you read more and benefit more in terms of expanding your knowledge, analytical skills, concentration, and sense of commitment. You can do this by

Choosing a deadline.

When would you like to complete your deadline? It must be specific to get the results that you desire.

Make sure your goal is achievable.

Your goal must be aligned with your commitment and focus.  A goal that is impossible to attain will not help you achieve satisfaction.

Set a goal that can be broken down.

In most cases, the key to achieving goals is to break them down into smaller goals. Would you like to finish reading a book in days, read 4 chapters a day, or spend more time reading?

Seniors in Fallbrook Assisted Living can make use of these tips to read more books or at least reach a specific number of books from diverse genres.

Great Books for Fallbrook Assisted Living Readers

Things We Never Get Over

Read is the story of Naomi, a runaway bride who is now stuck in a small town, an unfamiliar place with no home, no job, and broke. Then she met Knox, someone who doesn’t tolerate drama. But Naomi’s life caved right in front of him.

Knox didn’t have a choice but to help Naomi. But with their contrasting personalities, will they get along well? Will Knox be able to get back to his peaceful and uncomplicated life?

The First To Die At The End

The book is the prequel to Adam Silvera’s novel, They Both Die at The End. It is the story of two strangers who cross paths at a party in Times Square. They instantly were drawn to one another and explored New York together. But one call will alter their fate, as one of them will receive the call from Death-Cast – a service that predicts when someone will die.

To Paradise

This book by Hanya Yanagihara talks about three different American experiments on family, power, race, and loss. To Paradise is about the continued quest to find a place where everyone can peacefully co-exist and the desire to protect our family, children, and fellow citizens.

The Lovely Bones

The story is about Susie Salmon who was murdered and raped by a neighbor who continuously watches over her family move on with their lives without her. Will she be able to finally let her family go now that they have finally let her go?


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