Memory Care Assisted Living

What to Expect from Memory Assisted Living

According to the latest statistics, 7 out of 10 people need memory assisted living care in their lifetime. And with a growing population of seniors, there’s a need for at least 1 million assisted living units by 2040. But what exactly is memory-assisted living?

Understanding Memory Assisted Living

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) defines memory care as “a form of residential long-term care that provides intensive, specialized care for people with memory issues”.

Many assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement communities and nursing homes have special memory care ‘neighborhoods’ for dementia patients.”

These facilities offer an environment where residents can be independent while having access to healthcare assistance whenever they need it.

Patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease go through a lot of adjustments and changes. So, having someone to help with daily living allows them to function properly and safely.

What to Expect from Memory Assisted Living

Bringing a loved one into memory assisted living is a huge decision. But it’s also one of the best options for them because they can enjoy benefits like:

Being more independent.

  • Unlike a home where patients can easily wander off, these facilities are secure and safe. Here, they can be independent with the help of personnel who can help them with activities when they need it.


Enjoying a sense of community.


  • Suffering from memory-related conditions can be extremely isolating. Memory assisted living provides patients a chance to socialize and feel a sense of community. Being with people who suffer from the same condition makes them feel less isolated and having people to support them every day will allow them to get their confidence back even if they’re losing their memory.


Offering specialized care.


  • Anyone dealing with memory loss requires special care and this is exactly what memory-assisted living facilities offer. Each patient is treated according to their needs and staff study their cases well to provide the level of care and assistance that they need when they need them.


Employees in these facilities are more than just professionals. They’re also compassionate individuals who are committed to making sure that residents feel loved by a family that they can rely on during their stay.

Of course, these facilities have the ultimate goal of giving residents suffering from memory-related conditions the opportunity to live the best quality of life.

They may be losing their memory and their conditions may get worse over time, but they can still enjoy an excellent quality of life with the help of professionals who are ready to take care of them.


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