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The Importance of Recognizing Mental Health in Senior Housing

Millions of people around the world are struggling with mental health issues and people in senior housing are no exception. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and brings light to the challenges of mental illness and the importance of treatment.

The Importance of Mental Health for Seniors

Mental health is crucial in every stage of life but especially during the later years. As seniors step into late adulthood, many struggle to cope with the changes in their lives. Some of these changes include physical changes, loss of work, moving, and dealing with different medical conditions.

This can be very frustrating for anyone. This frustration can easily lead to anxiety and eventually, depression if not properly addressed.

According to the CDC, at least 7 million Americans over the age of 65 suffer from depression each year.

Some of the most common signs that a senior has mental health issues include a shift in mood, eating and sleeping habits, anger and irritability, and threat to harm self or others.

With that number, there’s a pressing need to highlight mental health as part of the healthcare goals for seniors. By having the right guidance and support, they will be able to adapt to life changes more easily, so they can enjoy their years in senior housing without battling anxiety and depression.

Different Mental Health Exercises in Senior Housing

To help seniors in senior housing battle mental health challenges, here are some exercises they can enjoy:

Taking on crafts.

  • Crafting is such a great way to not only prevent memory loss but also fight depression and anxiety. When you’re knitting, painting, or sewing, you allow your mind to be creative so that there’s no room for bad thoughts in your head.

Doing puzzles.

  • Puzzles are some of the most popular activities in senior housing because of their benefits to the mind and body. Aside from sharpening the memory, doing puzzles also help the mind relax and focus on a single activity. This is a great way to forget all those worries and just enjoy the moment.


  • Taking care of plants or growing vegetables are a great way to get the body moving and keep the mind healthy. According to several studies, gardening has been linked to reducing the risks of dementia and it’s also a good way to battle anxiety and depression because you’re outdoors and you keep yourself busy throughout the day.

Mental health is a crucial topic that everyone should talk about not only during Mental Health Awareness Month but every day.

With so many people suffering from mental illness, it’s about time that we give importance to our mental health, especially for those individuals who are living in senior housing and struggle with anxiety and depression on almost a daily basis.


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