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Celebrating Mother’s Day in Assisted Living

No one in this world means more to anyone than their mother and in a few weeks, we will be honoring the women who brought us into this world on Mother’s Day. If your mom is already in assisted living, you need to make this year’s celebration one she will never forget. Here are some ideas that you can use to prepare for Mother’s Day and honor the most important woman in your life.

Gift Ideas for Mothers in Assisted Living

A photo bouquet.

  • While a typical floral bouquet will never go out of style, you can give it a twist this year by replacing the flowers with family photographs that your mother will surely love.

Cut your favorite photos into hearts and put them together into a bouquet that will bring the nostalgia, for sure.

Her favorite foods.

  • In assisted living, your mom doesn’t really get her favorite foods every day. So, why not make Mother’s Day a big treat for her, especially if she’s a foodie? Cook all her favorite foods and gather the family to visit her so you can enjoy lunch together.

The little comforts.

  • Being in her elderly years, your mom would want things that can add to her comfort and convenience. For instance, you can gift her a memory pillow that will help her to sleep better at night and not wake up having a stiff neck. If she’s into music, you can give her a pair of headphones to enjoy her favorite tunes privately in assisted living.

Ways to Celebrate with Mothers in Assisted Living

Organize a family picnic.

  • Gather all your family members and visit your mom together in assisted living where you can prepare a picnic with all her favorite foods. You can even organize a surprise tribute for your mom where each family member gets to say something to her or sing songs for her.

Treat her to pamper day.

  • Mother’s Day should be a day of pampering for the most precious woman in your life. Book for a pedicure or massage service that she can enjoy even when she’s in the facility. You can even get her hair done, so she can look and feel extra beautiful again.

Do her favorite activity with her.

  • If your mom loves painting, gardening, or crocheting, take the time to do her favorite activity with her on Mother’s Day. This may be a simple gesture for you, but it will surely mean a lot that you honor the things she loves to do.


Our mothers are true gems because of all their years of love and sacrifice to bring us into this world and make sure that we live a good life.

So, this Mother’s Day, make sure that your mother feels that you value her and everything she did to help you get to where you are. Being in assisted living is never easy for her, but you can take this one day to make her feel extra happy to be with family.

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