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Assisted Living: What to Expect

There are different living options for seniors, and with shared characteristics between them, making a decision can be quite difficult. When it comes to assisted living, it is important to understand exactly what it is if you are choosing this option or doing so for a loved one.


What assisted living entails

Independent living is another senior living option and just like assisted living, it stresses senior independence. However, the latter is for those who really need help with daily activities, be it remembering medication, keeping up with doctor’s appointments, bathing and grooming.


Assisted living is an option for those who can no longer live alone, but don’t need intensive nursing care yet. Facilities are for seniors who can’t tend to their basic needs, need help in making decisions, and can’t function without assistance.


Although you will be moving into a different space, you are free to treat it as your own. This means you can bring personal possessions and entertain friends and family. And of course even go on trips outside the facility as well.


There is still a level of independence provided in a living facility, but with an added layer of support.


You have your own place and are afforded privacy. If you are an introvert, you can go on living the quiet life. On the other hand, if you like mixing and mingling, there will be lots of opportunities for that as well.


In terms of cost, you can expect assisted living to be more expensive than independent living. Assisted living requires more services to be rendered to ensure the comfort of senior residents.


Is it the right option?

Choosing a senior living option is difficult, whether you’re deciding for yourself or for a family member. Whichever the case, it’s important to consider all the factors before committing to a certain kind of living option.


You can start by asking a few questions.


Is living alone going to be a health risk? If so, assisted living may be the option for you since medical support will be provided by trained staff.


Are you increasingly becoming reliant on others for errands? Are you doing the same for regular needs? Afacility can provide the support you need so you no longer have to wait until your spouse or child is free to help you out.


Are you concerned about performing daily activities? If the thought of walking up a flight of stairs scares you because of the consequences of a fall, then Fallbrook Assisted Living not only provides help but also peace of mind.


If your doctor has expressed concern about you living alone, then it might be best to consider assisted living.


Choosing to live in an assisted living facility doesn’t mean you’re giving up your independence. You are given both the freedom and privacy to live your best life, along with the confidence that there will always be someone there should you need help with daily activities.



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