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Independent Living: What to Expect

Independent living is a senior living option available for many seniors. An emphasis on independence is what separates it from assisted living, an option for seniors who need help with basic life tasks. It’s essentially a living preference rather than a form of care.


An independent living community provides for the needs of seniors by:

  • allowing seniors to live in a community that provides them with much needed privacy
  • providing assistance to seniors but making sure they maintain independence
  • providing an alternative to costly home maintenance
  • offering access to amenities


What is staying in an independent living community like?

Independent living communities aren’t places where seniors go to “grow old.” Loneliness is a battle many seniors face, but that shouldn’t be the case. Human contact and intellectual stimulation is as important to elders as it is to young children. Committing to an independent living community ensures that you will never have to feel alone again.


You can expect a wide range of activities in living facilities. Activities can be in the form of classes, outings, social events, or informal gatherings. You can always expect an active community life.


Meeting new people and finding others who share the same interests is just as important in old age as it is when you were younger. This can be a challenge for seniors who choose to live alone, but that is not the case when opting to live in an independent living community.


Your health is of utmost importance as you grow old. Many seniors who have chosen to live alone tend to be unhappy and become unhealthy as a result. Getting to interact with like-minded people and attending social gatherings are just two ways to keep the blues away and remain healthy.


While independent living communities emphasize senior independence, help is always provided when you need it. Whether you require assistance with your medication or just need a ride to go shopping, you will find such support in an independent living facility.


Choosing a Facility

Choosing independent living also means putting an end to troubles over the costs of maintaining a home. You no longer have to be burdened about the leaking roof, the faulty plumbing, or the trimming of the grass. Everything is taken care of. All you have to do is relax and have fun.


Independent living also doesn’t mean being confined within the borders of the community. You are free to explore outside and transportation to your destination can be provided.


Your privacy is also valued in living facilities. You can continue to live the quiet life if you’re an introvert. On the other hand, extroverts can take part in many social events.


Independent living is just like living at home, but can be made a whole lot better. It’s a living option that addresses many of the issues seniors face when living alone.


You should enjoy your retirement. You worked so hard to get to this point. If living alone makes you lonely, independent living can be a cure for that.



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